The Red Horizon integrated marine control system by FPT Industrial

The Red Horizon integrated marine control system by FPT Industrial

FPT Industrial presents Red Horizon, integrated marine control system


13/09/2019 - 11:12

Consolidating technology, performance, power and style, FPT Industrial takes the occasion of the Cannes Yachting Festival to introduce its integrated marine control
system, showcased at its booth (Palais 053). Providing customers with a set of premium features, Red Horizon is ready to set off for new adventures.
Red Horizon is FPT Industrial’s integration of the most advanced marine technologies in terms of engine, monitoring and control systems. In line with the latest market
trends, FPT Industrial worked in partnership with two leading global companies: ZF, technology supplier of systems for the next generation of mobility, and Navico
(Simrad), manufacturer of marine electronics. Combining state-of-the-art technologies from all partners, Red Horizon guarantees full navigation control and safety, best driving
comfort, easy handling and harboring.

“The marine market now requires a ‘smart hub’ that controls and communicates with all key elements of the boat”, says Fabio Rigon, Vice President FPT Industrial Europe.
“We are proud to provide all these features together for our customers and to be closer to them with innovative solutions. Having two well-known global players such as ZF and Navico as partners gives us the possibility to build outstanding tailor-made solutions for each kind of need.”
Red Horizon can be paired with any top engine from FPT Industrial’s Cursor and NEF families. The concept displayed at the festival is powered by two N67 570 EVO engines,
which combine high performance and reliability with a lightweight and compact design, ideal for fast planing boats.
Thanks to the genius of the CNH Industrial Design Center, the Red Horizon project is presented inside a unique environment. This environment is inspired by the automotive world, luxury cars and villas, and vintage Italian boats, resulting in a comfortable bridge with a touch of minimalism, where customers can feel at home.
“When designing a new object, the basic idea is to create something memorable, so we worked with this in mind,” explained David Wilkie, Head of the CNH Industrial Design Center. “The sea represents a world of adventures and for this reason Red Horizon is not only a matter of style. It is a recipe where technology, elegance and top-of-the-line materials are perfectly balanced. The selected materials represent the accuracy of the design. The lounge area, in fact, was planned as a space for relaxing, furnished with sofas and pillows. Red Horizon is the first step in our marine design journey.”

Technologies of FPT Industrial’s partners

With over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing control systems for the marine sector, ZF equips Red Horizon with the electronic and maneuvering system controls. With an ergonomic lever shape with touchpad, the electronic “Premium Control” provides complete command of navigation, precise maneuverability in confined areas and engine handling for safe docking. It integrates the latest in Controller Area Network (CAN bus) communication technology with a multifunction command head for up to six vessel control stations. Controlling engines, transmissions and thrusters simultaneously, the additional “Premium joystick” provides an unbeatable management of: vessel control at low speed, easy maneuvering in tight spaces and vessel positioning against wind and current.
"We are really satisfied to be part of this collaboration, which we really believe in,” said Federico Decio, ZF Marine Pleasure Craft Vice President. “Our know-how and heritage in marine components and technological features were key to finding the best solution to fit FPT Industrial’s needs”.
For FPT Industrial’s Red Horizon, Navico provides the 7-inch displays for engine monitoring and the wide 16-inch Full HD Multi-Function Display (MFD). The latter gives visibility
and control from the helm and offers a chartplotter navigation system with a built-in GPS receiver, sonar support, radar, autopilot and other options. It also provides wireless display mirroring on smartphones and tablets, allowing engine and boat control from any place on board. Navico displays offer easy and intuitive touchscreen controls and are equipped with a technology that grants a clear view under any lighting conditions and ultra-wide viewing angles. The compact 7-inch displays series (completed with an additional offering of 9 and 12-inch sizes) are specifically dedicated to display a wide range of engine data, alarm monitoring and offers the chance to extend options to a wide range of navigation functions, such as chartplotter, radar, echosounder, autopilot and more.
"The monitoring solution is custom-made for FPT Industrial and it is specifically designed to give all information on the engine and alarms that are necessary to ensure the safe operation of a vessel under any circumstances,” stated Knut Frostad, Navico President and CEO.


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