Take off at the boot Düsseldorf : Peacoq sailing with foils

Take off at the boot Düsseldorf: Peacoq sailing with foils

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02/12/2021 - 23:53

World premiere of the Peacoq at the "Boot Düsseldorf": a dinghy on high-end foils. The Peacoq is a single and a double handed foiling dinghy. Combining speed and lightness, the Peacoq changes the traditional sailing practices. All sailing enthusiasts can now practice flying on the water simply and safely. From the moment you take off, the Peacoq gives you the feeling of lightness, speed, stability and peace of mind. An exciting combo that definitely renews sailing practice.

The adventure goes on for the manufacturer Foily with the launch of the Peacoqat the "Boot" boat show in Düsseldorf from January 22nd to 30th 2022. The dinghy with its scow bow, taut lines and a particularly futuristic and modern design signed by the architectural firm MMProcess will be visible for the

Take off at the boot Düsseldorf : Peacoq sailing with foils
Take off at the boot Düsseldorf : Peacoq sailing with foils

first time at a boat show. Intended for individuals who want to learn about foils, the boat is nevertheless equipped with rakers that allow to increase the flight length.

The objective of the Peacoq is clear and simple: "To allow all sailing enthusiasts to discover the exhilarating sensations of flying on water while giving them the opportunity to improve their foiling level and become expert". This is the challenge that Foily has set itself with the Peacoq. 

Take off at the boot Düsseldorf : Peacoq sailing with foils
Take off at the boot Düsseldorf : Peacoq sailing with foils

This modern monohull allows you to make your first flights on water without an instructor thanks to its intuitive use which requires the standard skills of a monohull. After the first flights, the rakers, boxes that regulate the angle of incidence of the foils, allow you to increase your level to go higher, faster and further. From this point of view, the manufacturer Foily seeks to offer the market a foiler at the crossroads between easy learning and expertise experience.
The boat flies high to amplify flight sensations while large scow bow forgives.
● Maximum boat speed 20-25 knots downwind, 18-20 knots upwind.
● Wind speed for takeoff: 7.8 knots solo handed and 10-12 knots doublehanded.

Take off at the boot Düsseldorf : Peacoq sailing with foils
Take off at the boot Düsseldorf : Peacoq sailing with foils

1. Design
MMProcess' pencil stroke gives the Peacoq all its letters of nobility: scow bow, beveled foredeck and inverted sheer. The deck plan is particularly uncluttered so that once on board you feel perfectly at ease with the flying adventure. The anti-slip strips directly embedded in the benches and in the bottom of the cockpit offer optimal comfort to avoid slipping. There are various customizable colors.

2. The main advantage: foil retraction system
The Peacoq is equipped with a retractable device to store the foils on the water as well as in the parking. Thanks to this system, you can switch from displacement mode (floating mode) to foiler mode (flying mode). Thus, thisunique system of foil retraction guarantees a high level of safety and delete thelogistical constraints of a sailboat equipped with two additional appendages.The weight of the boat, excluding trailer, is 140kg.

A boat built entirely in France: 
The composite elements are manufactured in infusion at Sisco Composite (Pays de la Loire): fiberglass, foam and epoxy resin reinforced by carbon thicknesses guarantee a lightness and stiffness necessary to support the efforts. SISCO has a rich nautical and aeronautical experience guaranteeing an excellent level of quality.
Then FOILY assembles the mechanical parts, hulls and ropes kit on its brand new site in Piriac-sur-Mer near Nantes. FOILY plans a production of about twenty boats per year to be able to offer a reactive and powerful service feeding the idea that a sold boat implies a great proximity with its customers. This boat is the first of a series of 12 boats planned for the year 2022, of which six boats are still available. The first five boats have been sold in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France.

Technical features :
Foil experience required: none
Flight range: 7 to 20 knots
Can be sailed double or solo handed
Can be sailed in displacement mode with the foils
stowed or in foiler mode with the foils lowered
Length over the tower : 4,70m
Width : 1,82 m (foils up)
Architect : MMPROCESS
Weight : 140 kg
Hull : Sandwich, fiberglass, carbon, foam, and epoxy resin 

Equipment :
Gv and its deck sweeper : 9m2
Self-tacking jib : 3,5m2
Rudder raising devive
Rudder locker in high and low position
Foils retraction hoist
Side foils and rudder rakers
Aluminum and composite side foils

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