Over 20 superyachts with integrated I-Bridges hit the water in 2021

Over 20 superyachts with integrated I-Bridges hit the water in 2021


29/04/2021 - 13:12

Team Italia, after a very satisfactory 2020, confirms once again its role as international leader in the field of NAV-COM electronic solutions for mega- and superyachts. Its portfolio includes over 500 projects completed during its 20 years of activity on yachts ranging in length from 30m to over 100m. 

“The first few months of 2021 clearly showed that the number of superyacht deliveries was definitely rising,” explained Massimo Minnella, CEO of Team Italia. “Over 20 superyachts equipped with Team Italia integrated I-Bridges have been launched in these past months or will be soon.  One of the factors leading to this result is the attention we have dedicated to implementing new solutions with our R&D department. This does not include only original software and technological solutions, but also extends to new bridge designs, which have always been in our company’s DNA. But these are still early days - more information about these new concepts will be provided in a few months’ time, when the new Boat show season begins.”

One of the first yachts launched this year in February was the Columbus Sport 50m MY K2, which has the I-Bridge equipped with Full ECDIS Paperless. This system specifically controls all the Wheel House systems (Wheel House Control) and the Steering Conning based on touch technology. This I-Bridge system also includes three Multicontrols, exclusive TEAM Italia systems for full management of different navigation equipment using one Human-Machine Interface (HMI). The elegant and essential Onyx Marine graphic interface integrates perfectly with this superyacht’s style, and has the immediacy and usability that characterize all the graphics realized by this company of the TEAM Italia group.  
This integrated bridge furthermore features a Remote Diagnostic System, devised and finely tuned by TEAM Italia’s R&D department, which can be used for remote operations of maintenance and troubleshooting support. 

The Riva 50.02 MY Fifty (launched in March) is also equipped with an I-Bridge that, in this case, relies on 4K technology with its Modular Conning Overhead system, which ensures a quick consultation of navigation data. This solution also includes three exclusive Multicontrol systems, one of which is based on the O-Led system (in addition to trackball and jogger), while the other two rely on integrated display touch technology. The integration of all navigation systems through these solutions guarantees they are managed more extensively when the yacht is operational. 

Other sources of satisfaction are the CCN 37 m MY Run Away (the first of the aluminium DOM series) and the Baglietto 40 m MY Panam, which have both already been launched.
On the MY Panam, manoeuvre operations are managed both from the Wheelhouse and from two wings, which are also integrated and provide the captain with all the useful information needed during manoeuvring and mooring.

The importance of preventive maintenance
To guarantee such advanced technologies are always functional, TEAM Italia has created the PAM - Preventive Annual Maintenance service, provided by Ocean Remote Support (a company of the TEAM Italia group).
This service takes care of the full Nav-Com equipment by offering a planned maintenance cycle in compliance with the maintenance requirements and recommendations of the various systems.
The aim of this program is to prevent faults and failures before the beginning of the cruising season by monitoring and maintaining the on-board Nav Com systems, with the aim of ensuring a pleasant and safe cruising.

Over 20 superyachts with integrated I-Bridges hit the water in 2021
Over 20 superyachts with integrated I-Bridges hit the water in 2021

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