Torqeedo will announce new cooperations at boot Düsseldorf

Torqeedo will announce new cooperations at boot Düsseldorf

Torqeedo will announce new cooperations at boot Düsseldorf


01/04/2020 - 18:09

Düsseldorf, Germany (January 17, 2020) –  Torqeedo will announce the cooperative development of new products and new partnerships at the company’s boot Düsseldorf press conference on Saturday, January 18, stand 9C22. The company will also celebrate its 15th year of technology innovations and delivering its 100,000th electric drive. 

“A more sustainable marine industry is being built today – not only in Torqeedo’s headquarters in Germany, but with Torqeedo partners worldwide,” said Dr. Christoph Ballin, CEO and co-founder of Torqeedo GmbH. “It is thrilling to see innovation from both inside and outside the marine industry coming together to develop a holistic infrastructure and ecosystem for electric mobility on the water, from high to low-voltage, commercial to recreational. And, of course, it is an honour for Torqeedo to serve as the hub for this development.”

As the marine industry prepares for a lower carbon future, electrification with advanced system integration is extending beyond the powertrain to all onboard systems.

Torqeedo’s Power 48-5000 lithium battery was chosen to power the America’s Cup AC75’s foiling cant system. This critical system controls the 40-tonne hydraulic cylinders that position the composite foil arms and wings. While racing, the system controls lift, speed and stability, and ultimately the safety of the yacht and its crew.

As on America’s cup yachts, foiling technology is also revolutionizing electric speedboats. Thin but strong underwater wings lift the Torqeedo-powered Candela Speed Boat out of the water and drastically reduce drag. Candela is combining hydrofoils with a very light, all-carbon 7.6-metre hull, reducing energy consumption to 25% of a traditional motorboat. At 25 knots, the Candela Speed Boat has a range of more than 50 nautical miles.

Another high-profile project featuring advanced system integration is the Spirit 111, the world’s largest sailing yacht with an electric drive. The Deep Blue Hybrid electric drive system not only propels the yacht, it harvests clean energy while sailing which is then used to power the onboard loads like the galley, lighting and watermaker. The yacht’s Lewmar hydraulic sailing systems are also integrated and powered electrically through the central Deep Blue Hybrid system.

“As we pursue these new developments,” Ballin said, “We continue to advance our core products where electric mobility offers compelling user benefits.”

Torqeedo will launch two new motor models in 2020: a new professional-grade Ultralight motor for serious kayak anglers, and a 20-horsepower equivalent Cruise 10.0 T outboard with tiller steering.  Also coming in 2020 are new fast chargers and new solar charge controller for the Power 48-5000 series of lithium batteries. 

Torqeedo’s high-power Deep Blue system is getting important improvements with quieter-than-ever outboards and seamless integration of joysticks, third-party throttles and wireless controls.

At the upcoming press conference, a new development for Deep Blue and a drive for smaller vessels are expected to be announced. Refreshments will be served.

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