Success for sustainability events  at the European Dream Cup

Success for sustainability events at the European Dream Cup

Success for sustainability events at the European Dream Cup


06/07/2023 - 18:28

The events organized by One Ocean Foundation have generated significant interest among the young participants of the prestigious European Dream Cup sailing event.

As Sustainability Partner of the European Dream Cup, One Ocean Foundation commenced its planned activities at Circolo Vela Gargnano, the organizer of this international project dedicated to young students from across Europe. The foundation's events captured the attention of 60 enthusiastic participants, aged between 13 and 19, representing 10 national teams. This project, strongly supported by the European Commission and Erasmus+ Sport, focuses on the intersection of sports and education, aiming to raise students' awareness of sustainability, inclusion, and digitalization through specialized seminars that complement the thrilling sporting competition featuring the 69F foiling boats.

 In parallel to the practice and training activities on the boats, all participating teams engaged in a Beach clean-up activity on the morning of July 4th, led by One Ocean Foundation. Aligned with the global movement "Plastic Free July," which originated in Australia and encourages millions of people worldwide to make conscious choices to reduce their environmental impact, the introduction emphasized the issue of plastic and microplastic pollution. The winning team in the beach clean-up activity was from Hungary, followed by the Italian and German teams. This ranking will be integrated with the sailing ranking to determine the ultimate winner of the European Dream Cup.

 On the morning of July 5th, the participants displayed significant interest in the informative talk delivered by One Ocean Foundation. The topics covered a wide range, from marine biology and the ocean's invaluable contributions to humankind to its vulnerability to climate change and human activities. The talk also highlighted One Ocean Foundation's projects, including their collaboration with the Denmark SailGP Team presented by Rockwool, with whom the foundation shares a partnership. Notably, the "More Speed Less Plastic" initiative contributed to the team's triumph in the Impact League, a special SailGP ranking that evaluates teams based on sustainability. Following the talk, students were invited to participate in multiple-choice quizzes using the Kahoot App installed on their smartphones. The answers to these quizzes also contribute to the final ranking of the European Dream Cup.

 Similar to the professional SailGP sailing circuit, the 69F boat tracking system records the highest speed achieved by each team daily. One Ocean Foundation has pledged to collect 10 kg of waste from heavily polluted coastal areas for every knot of speed achieved by the fastest team on any given day.

 The promotion of sustainability and environmental protection issues will continue throughout the event, with various awareness-raising initiatives targeting the public attending the regatta village. To conclude the European Dream Cup, One Ocean Foundation has organized a Charity Party on the evening of July 14th, 2023, at Circolo Vela Gargnano. This event will not only gather the young participants but also welcome all members of the public and tourists present in the area. The funds raised during the party will support the Foundation's projects aimed at protecting marine ecosystems.

 During this occasion, the participating teams will be invited to sign the Charta Smeralda, One Ocean Foundation's code of ethics, and the winning team of the "More Speed Less Plastic - Young" initiative will be announced.

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