Day two and still no racing in Kiel at the 99th Star World Championship

Day two and still no racing in Kiel at the 99th Star World Championship


07/09/2021 - 21:31

The high pressure system over Europe is sadly affecting the 2021 Star World Championship in Kiel, Germany. It's almost ironic if you think the 83 teams are all so keen to get on the water after missing the Worlds last year for the pandemic.

"We already knew it was going to be a very hard and challenging day" said Bruno Prada (BRA) five-time Star World Champion, and two time Olympic medalist. "Nonetheless we came to the harbor hoping for the best, but unfortunately day two is very similar to day one. The next few days look a little better, the Committee is thinking now two races per day, as also Saturday doesn't look very promising, and we need five races to validate the Worlds. I do hope we'll get on the water tomorrow, because we are very hungry for some sailing".

"It will be different from the traditional one race per day regatta, as it is the Star World Championship since 1921. It will be tough on some teams more than others, with very long hours at sea, and it is important to stay hydrated and energized."
Tomorrow's first signal is scheduled for 11 am, and two races are on the horizon for the 83 very eager boat fleet coming from 18 nations. Let's just hope the wind will cooperate.

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