Ready Steady Tokyo

Ready Steady Tokyo

Day #3 Morning Report - Ready Steady Tokyo


20/08/2019 - 14:49

It looks set to be another light day at Ready Steady Tokyo - Sailing, with much of the same low winds expected on Day 3 of racing.

But conditions are likely to be shiftier, with the wind direction gradually changing throughout the day.

A north-northeasterly breeze of around 8-12 knots is initially due this morning, increasing to 9-13 knots by 11:00 local time.

From 15:00 onwards, it will shift slightly to an easterly breeze, decreasing to 6-9 knots.

And past 17:00 the wind will decrease drastically, with a south-easterly breeze of less than 6 knots expected.

It will be another cloudy but hot day, with temperatures once again at 32°C.

There is also a chance of rain during the afternoon, with lightning in the evening.

Sea state should be the same as yesterday, with waves between 0.5m-1m in height.

All Olympic events will begin racing at around 12:00 today, with between three and four races scheduled in each.

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