(Copyright Miguel Paez / World Sailing)

(Copyright Miguel Paez / World Sailing)

Inside the 2020 - 2023 Para World Sailing Strategy - Goal #3


08/01/2020 - 16:46

Goals within the 2020 - 2023 Para World Sailing Strategy are:
#1 - Increase Worldwide Participation to 45 nations on 5 continents by the end of 2023
#2 - Expand Competition
#3 - Effective marketing and communications
#4 - Governance and rules

Throughout December, World Sailing has provided insight on the goals with insight on goal #1 here, the first part of goal #2 here with the second part here.

To conclude the insight into the strategy, the final goals are to ensure effective marketing and communications with a final emphasis on the importance of good governance and rules.

Goal #3, effective marketing and communications is focused on:
- Growing media attraction and highlighting sailing's capacity for inclusion as well as promoting the sport to young sailors;
- Increasing the global awareness through mainstream media and social media;
- Improving communication with stakeholders and building effective relationships;
- Guiding World Sailing's Member National Authorities by using a toolkit to support them on a local level;
- Create and celebrate the heroes of the sport by featuring Para sailors in all types of events and Para disciplines.

To ensure these strategic priorities are met, over the period of the strategic plan, World Sailing will use competition and formats that are friendly towards the media as well as spectators so they're easier to follow. Alongside this, a media schedule for coverage such as news releases, photography and video production will be produced to ensure all Para sailing events are appropriately reported on.

The media will play a big role in the promotion of Para sailing to the general public and to sailors that fall within certain areas of classification. A series of key messages that can be reinforced over the strategic period will be produced outlining the benefits of sailing and that it is a sport for all.

Furthermore, World Sailing will continue to use is digital presence on its website and social media channels to effectively communicate with sailors and the sailing community.

Regular communications to groups of organisations such as the International Paralympic Committee, MNAs, sailors and Class Associations will also be delivered to increase awareness of Para sailing and to encourage youth and female participation across a broader range of physical, sensory or intellectual disabilities.

The final goal is governance and rules with strategic priorities including ensuring sound and effective governance, effective outcome focused planning and ensuring a strong foundation of rules and regulations.

Over the next few years the Para World Sailing Strategic Plan will be reviewed twice to ensure the tactics and delivering against the strategic priorities. The Para World Sailing Committee will play the lead role in reviewing the Strategic Plan and the Committee will continue to include people with a deep knowledge of Para sailing with regular bi-monthly meetings.

World Sailing will also ensure online resources are regularly updated and updated when required.

The work on the 2020 - 2023 Para World Sailing Strategic Plan has already commenced and further updates will be available in the coming weeks, months and years as the sport aims for reintroduction into the Paralympic Games Sports Programme for Los Angeles 2028.

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