Equipment Committee reviews class applications; Growing Sailing Webinars hailed a success on Annual Conference Day 8

Equipment Committee reviews class applications; Growing Sailing Webinars hailed a success on Annual Conference Day 8

World Sailing: Equipment Committee reviews class applications


27/10/2020 - 15:33

The day started with the International Judges Sub-committee, as experienced Race Officials discussed a wide range of topics. The Equipment Committee followed, with Class Association applications a major talking point, and the Development and Regions Committee hailed the Growing Sailing Webinars held during the international lockdown as a great success.

The Equipment Committee was the third meeting to be livestreamed on World Sailing's YouTube channel so far.

It began at 11:00 UTC and was chaired by Dina Kowalyshyn, with Jaime Navarro, Director of Technical & Offshore at World Sailing, as Committee Manager.

The main focus of discussion was to review several applications for World Sailing Class Association Status and make recommendations to Council.

To be approved as a World Sailing class, they must be existing classes that offer a high standard of international sailing; be an active association that meets minimum requirements of global distribution; and have an approved constitution and class rules that meet World Sailing's standards.

The Committee agreed to recommend that the IKA Arrows Foil Youth class and the iQFOiL Junior Class be approved for recognition of World Sailing Class status by Council.

The RS21 was one of two deferrals. Though they met the majority of the requirements, the class rules required some changes. The motion that their application should be deferred was approved by the majority.

The IKA Snowkite generated an interesting discussion surrounding winter sports and sailing's position regarding snow kiting and ice yachting in general. It was considered that the class met Regulation 10, but it was debated as to whether this was the correct route to take in order to bring this item to Council for further discussion. A motion was tabled to defer the application, which was approved by the majority.

Applications for both the L30 and The Laser Class were rejected by the majority.

Finally, the iQFOiL class received applications from two different parties to govern the class. One of these was presented by the IWA (International Windsurfing Association) and the other was presented by the 'Steering Committee,' submitted by the Class Manager and the manufacturer. The Equipment Committee heard presentations from both Piotr Oleksiak, representing the IWA, and Antonio Cozzolino on behalf of the Steering Committee.

A motion was tabled that the application of the iQFOiL from the 'Steering Committee', which has Dorian van Rijsselberghe as first Chair of the Class, should be accepted. This was approved by a majority.

Elsewhere, the World Speed Sailing Record Council, represented by Stan Honey, provided an update. Francis Joyon (FRA) broke both the Mauritius Route record and the Tea Route record between Hong Kong and London, while Bill Hatfield (AUS) set a world record for the oldest circumnavigator at the age of 79 in February 2020. Additionally, Simon Koster (SUI) set a new world record for the Around Britain and Ireland course in a 40-footer in September 2020. In France, two world records were set in July 2020; Antoine Albeau (FRA) set the new World Nautical Mile Windsurfer Record with 43.04knots, while Sylvain Hoceini (FRA) set the new World Nautical Mile Kitesail Record with 39.11knots.

This meeting was streamed live on YouTube - you can watch again below:

Taking place on Sunday afternoon between 12:00-15:00 UTC was the Development and Regions Committee, chaired by David Covo, with Rob Holden, World Sailing's Training Delivery Manager, as Committee Manager.

The Growing Sailing Webinar series was hailed as a huge success. It is hoped that webinars will continue every two to three months, with a range of topics created not only on development topics, but also understanding the Training and Development department and our projects.

The definition of an Emerging Nation was identified as requiring an update, with the importance of including gender equity highlighted. Discussion centred around including more than Olympic development and an element of Youth Development, deemed as imperative.

The new proposed Technical Course structure was very positively received and will be rolled out from 2021 onwards. This will ensure Instructors and Coaches are safe and effective, and will also add the opportunity to offer a course specifically tailored to elite sailors transitioning to coaching.

The meeting was recorded in BlueJeans and is now available on World Sailing's YouTube channel. You can watch it back below:

The International Judges Sub-committee ran between 05:30-14:00 UTC and was chaired by Andres Perez, with Madeleine Dunn, World Sailing's Race Officials Manager, as Committee Manager.

They discussed IT solutions across the IJSC functions, including the Application Portal; IJ Report System; IJ Test Platform and considerations on virtual education.

A report about planning and strategy for the education of International Judges, its materials, and how the instructor team is formed and functions, was reviewed.

The IJSC also talked about barriers and the entry into officiating for emerging nations and under-represented groups. It also made recommendations on manuals and policies, including the common shared sections for judges and other officials.

In their closed session, the Sub-committee reviewed applications for International Judge status that will go forward for recommendation to the Race Officials Committee on Tuesday 27 October.

The meeting was recorded in BlueJeans and is now available on World Sailing's YouTube channel. You can watch it back below:

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