Start the new decade with boot Düsseldorf

Start the new decade with boot Düsseldorf

Excitement, action and fun for all water sports enthusiasts


19/11/2019 - 18:16

“In the context of our arrangements for allocation of the space in the new hall 1, we reviewed the entire configuration of the different areas covered by boot exhibits. There was a very clear focus on exhibitor satisfaction and visitor service”, explains boot Director Petros Michelidakis.

Motor yachts between 30 and 60 feet long in hall 1
The new hall 1 in Düsseldorf embodies state-of-the-art trade fair architecture at its best. The hall is bright and well-lit and provides exhibitors with an excellent setting to present their products and services. At boot, it will become the home for medium-sized motor yachts between 30 and approximately 60 feet long (10 to 20 metres) that have inboard motors. The exhibitors here will include such major manufacturers as Jeanneau, Bénéteau, Bavaria, Sealine or Greenline. The popular, comfortable Dutch steel yachts, for example from the long-established shipyard Linssen, will be on display here too. As a result, visitors will be able to see a wide range of medium-sized motor yachts that is unique under the same roof anywhere in the world. These yachts, which are particularly popular with families, combine great fun with comfort and the feeling of being able to enjoy the flair of a home of one’s own when on holiday.

Hall 3: recreational motorboating for beginners 
Hall 3 is next in the exhibition hall layout. This is where fun and products for beginners play a large role. Motorboats with outboard motors are captivating and can even be driven in Germany and other countries without a boating licence when they have 15 horsepower motors. Under the motto “Start Boating”, sound advice is available here for everyone who would like to go boating for the first time. Together with its media partner, the magazine “Boote” published by Delius-Klasing-Verlag, boot will be setting up an attractive centre for newcomers, where experts will be on-site to give them theoretical and practical tips before going on a boat trip for the first time.

Hall 4: fun with pleasure craft and tenders
Further pleasure craft manufacturers of motorboats that are more than 10 metres long like Axopar, Nimbus, Sessa and many others will be presenting their innovations and new developments in Hall 4.

Halls 5, 6 and 7: sheer luxury with tenders and superyachts
NEW: superboats in Hall 5 
Hall 5 at boot is devoted to the growing segment of luxury tenders, chase boats and shadow boats. The term “superboats” covers everything that is luxurious, fast, innovative and elegant. Such exclusive brands as Sacs, Wally, Frauscher, DeAntonio, Boesch, Fjord, Windy and Van Dutch will be presenting the latest developments in this segment. Chase and Shadow boats become very trendy, not only for superyacht owners. The luxurious equipment of such a boat can be designed entirely according to the wishes of the owner. This means that individually designed surroundings are guaranteed even when an excursion is made with friends to go fishing or to visit a gorgeous secluded bay.

Hall 6 remains the centrepiece of the luxury segment at boot, as in the past. The leading shipyards in the superyacht industry are on board here, exhibiting their streamlined top-of-the line products. Anyone who would then like to book his berth at one of the exclusive superyacht marinas like Venice or Porto Novi in Montenegro as well can do this directly on the gallery in hall 6. Hall 7a rounds off the luxury segment at boot with the superyacht show.

Maritime art for enthusiasts in hall 7
Following their tour of the luxury worlds in halls 5, 6 and 7a, visitors can take it down a notch in hall 7 and relax while contemplating maritime art. Large portrayals of ocean scenes, photographs of maritime motifs or creative sculptures invite visitors to linger and enjoy the works of art.

Hall 8a: The hotspot for all surfers - fun on THE WAVE and in the flatwater pool – shopping at retailers and well-known manufacturers
The tour continues with a trip to the “Beach World” in Hall 8a. This is where fans of water sports meet to go surfing, kiteboarding or stand-up paddling with the stars and starlets of the international community. Anything that is fun is in – whether it is THE WAVE or the flatwater pool. From boot 2020 onwards, these two mega attractions will define the area reserved for retailers and manufacturers in hall 8a. Trend sport enthusiasts can shop till they drop there. The 65-meter long pool is at the south end of the hall, while THE WAVE is at the north. Practically all the relevant brands are exhibiting at boot 2020.

Halls 9, 10 and 11: huge selection of RIBs, dinghies, accessories, inboard motors and equipment
The exhibitors in hall 9 will be showcasing the latest developments with rigid inflatable boats (better known in the community as RIBs) and smaller dinghies.

Accessories, inboard motors and equipment are concentrated in halls 9 and 10 as well as part of hall 11.

“love your ocean“ campaign is featured in the diving halls
Protection of the oceans is important to all water sports enthusiasts in general and divers in particular. The “love your ocean” campaign stand in hall 11 reflects this and is the attraction for sustainable solutions and products. Together with the German Ocean Foundation and the boot ocean advocate Emily Penn, this campaign is having tremendous impact in the meantime.

Halls 13 and 14: “Travel World“ highlights the most beautiful holiday destinations by lakes and oceans
Appropriately enough, the water tourism halls 13 and 14 with “Travel World” are right next to the diving halls. Chartering agencies, marinas, houseboat providers as well as hotels, cruise companies and water sports regions are there to help visitors decide where to spend their next holiday by and on the water. A varied program including tips about holiday destinations, charter and houseboat holidays will be presented on the “Travel World” stage. These halls are the holiday and tourism centre at boot. The wide range of different destinations is supplemented by hotels that offer water sports activities in all their possible forms. There can be no doubt that even people who have not been actively involved in sports up to now will be inspired and encouraged here to enjoy their holiday by the water. Travel has developed into a particular highlight at boot and takes up a large proportion of the space in Halls 11 to 14 in the meantime: from diving hotspots to holidays by, on or in the water. A special advantage for visitors is that they can book their dream holiday directly at boot!

boot 2020 is presenting the biggest diving exhibition in the world in halls 11 and 12
When boot Düsseldorf opens at 18 January 2020, this will at the same time mark the start of the biggest diving exhibition in the world as well. And with considerably more than 400 exhibitors, it will represent a unique cross-section of the industry. In a nutshell: everything that divers could possibly desire will be on display. The global players in the diving field, like Aqua Lung, Mares und Cressi, will be presenting their complete product range again. 26 percent of the visitors to boot are divers or are interested in diving. The “Dive Center” in hall 12 is a popular attraction for all of them. Every day at boot 2020, beginners and experienced recreational divers will have an opportunity here to watch exciting films about exotic diving destinations, listen to interviews with internationally renowned stars and obtain valuable tips for beginners as they try out diving for the first time. On board are Germany's most successful apnea diver and 34-time record holder Anna von Boetticher, the award-winning filmmaker Florian Fischer with his creative network “Behind the Mask”, the adventurer, filmmaker and Freediver Fred Buyle, who was the first person to manage the 100-meter mark in deep diving with just one breath, the freediver and filmmaker Guillaume Néry, who shot the diving shots in Beyoncé's video "Runnin" with his wife Julie Gautier, and the Portuguese BBC wildlife videographer Nuno Sá, who is one of the best underwater videographers in the world.

Every year, many thousands of divers enjoy a unique event here which is not matched anywhere in the world. Leading international diving destinations whet the visitors’ appetite by presenting everything they have to offer too. The program at boot is complemented at the technical level by the “Water Pixel World” in hall 11, which is again located directly in the diving segment. Apart from the latest developments and innovations in filming and photography in the water and underwater, workshops with community insiders are playing a central role here from boot 2020 onwards. The professionals will give tips and demonstrate tricks relating to spectacular underwater photography and how to handle video cameras and drones.

Sailing in Halls 15 to 17: sailing is the soul of water sports
Sailing is the water sport! Sailing was the first way that people travelled along rivers and across oceans: the first known picture of a ship with sails is on an Egyptian drawing from Luxor that goes back to the period around 5000 BC!

From 2020 onwards, three halls are the home of sailing at boot Düssldorf. The major players in this sector will be there too: The Bénéteau Group, Hanse, Bavaria, Hallberg Rassy and other well known ship yards for bigger sailing yachts like Oyster, CNB and Nautors Swan are on board again. Together with the manufacturers of such innovative new boats as Bente, they will paint a diverse picture of a progressive sailing community with plenty of international flair. Spiced by the appearances of globally renowned sailing figures like Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, such up-and-coming young sailors as Laura Dekker with her new sailing project for young people and blue water sailing experts like Sönke Roever in the “Sailing Center”, the sailing halls reflect a lively and very emotional community. In co-operation with its media partner, the German publisher SVG Verlag, boot is launching the “Start Sailing” campaign (Hall 15). Newcomers and anyone else who is interested can benefit from the know-how provided by the experts here. In a casual atmosphere, young people and those who have stayed young can make tremendous progress in fulfilling their dream of becoming a sailor.

“ocean tribute” award with public voting for the first time
The award, which is sponsored by the Prince Albert II Foundation, the German Ocean Foundation and boot Düsseldorf, is being presented in January 2020. Together with the foundation from Monaco and boot, the prize money has been increased to EUR 20,000. All institutions, associations, research facilities and projects that aim to protect oceans, lakes and waterways were able to apply. The jury of experts selected a short list of five from all the entries and their projects will be presented on the Award website from mid-September onwards. For the first time, the public is also invited to participate in choosing the winner. People can nominate their three favourites in a public voting exercise. The results of this will be taken into account in the final vote too. The winner will be announced and the Award will be presented at the boot 2020 “blue motion night” in January.

Ticket sales started for boot Düsseldorf 2020

The advance ticket sales for boot Düsseldorf - 18 to 26 January 2020 - have started. From now on boot fans can really save money when buying their tickets. The biggest advantage is for members, because in addition to great offers and competitions throughout the year, they can buy tickets to the fair for a reduced prize. Thus the on-line ticket costs only 17.00 € for the members. In addition to this financial advantage, members can use the cool Lounge with free WLAN during the fair. The boot visit can start relaxed with a coffee in the lounge. Here's the link to the membership: .

If you want to travel to boot together with your water sports friends, you can also buy a ticket for 17.00 € per ticket. This applies to groups of five or more people.

The easiest way to have a short look at boot Düsseldorf is from Monday to Thursday afternoon from 2 pm. Then the ticket costs only 10.00 €. All admission tickets can be ordered at

Free arrival and departure with public transport 
The most relaxing trip to boot is by public transport. And with the online-ticket it is also free of charge. This applies to travel to and from the Düsseldorf exhibition grounds by Rheinbahn in the tariff zone of the Rhine-Ruhr public transport system (VRR, 2nd class, in surcharge-free trains in price level D).

About boot Düsseldorf:
With almost 250,000 visitors, boot Düsseldorf is the world's largest boat and water sports fair and every year in January the “meeting place" for the entire industry. From 18 to 26 January 2020, around 2,000 exhibitors will be presenting their interesting new products, attractive further developments and maritime equipment. This means that the complete market will be on site in Düsseldorf and will be inviting visitors on nine days of the fair to an exciting journey through the entire world of water sports in 17 exhibition halls covering 220,000 square meters. With a focus on boats and yachts, engines and engine technology, equipment and accessories, services, canoes, kayaks, kitesurfing, rowing, diving, surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, SUP, fishing, maritime art, marinas, water sports facilities as well as beach resorts and charter, there is something for every water sports enthusiast.

The water sports market has remained stable in 2019

General review – international situation

The maritime industry in Europe has been growing for 7 years in succession now.

In spite of increasing uncertainty due to trade disputes and protectionism, the EU Commission is continuing to forecast GDP growth of 1.2% in the eurozone, while the forecast for 2020 has been reduced slightly to 1.4%, because of the slower growth anticipated during the remaining months of this year (spring forecast: 1.5%).

New horizons for the french Franck Roy Shipyard 
42 yachts with TEAM Italia integrated bridges will be launched