Suzuki Marine DF175AP

Suzuki Marine DF175AP

Suzuki at the Genoa Boat Show in a world premier with the new DF175AP and the DF150AP


By Suzuki
04/09/2018 - 17:14

In a world premier at the Genoa Boat Show today, Suzuki unveiled two new high-specification, high-performance additions to its existing range of ultimate four stroke outboards.

The new DF175AP and DF150AP use Suzuki’s advanced total engine control technologies to enable them to deliver outstanding power and exciting performance together with superior fuel efficiency – all from a super compact and lightweight unit.

Boasting a class-leading 2.9-litre ‘Big Block’ in-line four-cylinder DOHC engine these new models also use a high 10.2:1 compression ratio, which provides great low-end torque and generates impressive acceleration.

To maximise performance, each outboard is equipped with a Semi-Direct Air Intake System to provide the engine with a cooler flow of air, an O₂ Sensor to optimise combustion, and a Knock Sensor for superior reliability.

Furthermore, Suzuki has utilised a Counter Balancer System and Thrust Mount System to achieve super-smooth engine operation, an air intake resonator to ensure exceptionally quiet operation and Suzuki’s pioneering offset drive shaft to move the outboard’s centre of gravity forward, improve balance and reduce vibration on the transom whilst contributing greatly to the outboard’s overall compactness.

Other high-end features include Suzuki Selective Rotation, which allows the same engine to operate in either normal or counter-clockwise direction for multi-engine installations, Suzuki Lean Burn Control and Suzuki Precision Control for outstanding fuel economy over a wide operating range and smoother power transitions respectively, and Suzuki’s market-leading Keyless Start System. The Keyless Start System uses a coded key-fob to transmit an access code to the engine’s starting system, it offers simple, stress-free operation while reducing the risk of a lost key. The system makes for an excellent theft deterrent, as the outboard will not start without the proper access code. In addition to this, the key-fob floats so the user can retrieve it should it ever go overboard.

Both outboards feature new 3D decals and are available in Pearl Nebular Black — Suzuki’s brand new premium black finish — or the modern Cool White allowing customers to pick the colour that best suits their boat.

Mr. Yasuharu Osawa, Executive General Manager, Global Marine & Power Products Operations for Suzuki Motor Corporation, said, "We are proud to bring yet more class-leading outboards to market. I must once again pay tribute to our engineers who have delivered more high-end, high-performance outboard motors to enhance our already strong range. I am confident that these new models will be hugely popular right across Europe and will cement Suzuki’s reputation for producing outstanding large horsepower outboards."

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