Unfurled, 46m sloop rigged performance cruiser


01/08/2017 - 13:17

The Frers designed, 150ft sloop rigged performance cruiser is the first yacht built by Vitters Shipyard to a design by German Frèrs. The cooperation with the Argentinian designer has been a resounding success. Both the design studio and the yard have a long track record of high performance cruisers and their joint experience created a great combination. 

The yacht embodies paramount high performance characteristics while offering the enjoyment of comfortable living on-board and to compete in the world’s most competitive Superyacht Regatta’s.

Unfurled, a winner in many ways
She won the WorldSuperyacht Awards 2016 in the Sailing Yacht 45 metre and above category, aswell as the 2016 Sailing Yacht of the Year award. 
Unfurled also won theSaint Barths Bucket 2016. The Bucket Trophy was presented to her as the pursuitclass winner which prevailed in the ‘most competitive, closely contestedclass’. 

Exceeding expectations
"Our goal was the distillation of our past design ideas, applied to the interior and exterior of the new Unfurled. Another fundamental goal was to create a yacht pure in design, not compromising space; rather, using it generously, not compromising performance, a yacht beautiful in line - exterior and interior."

"Unfurled has exceeded our expectations in terms of quality of build, performance and overall visual beauty. In getting there, we can look back at these past 3 years, from the first drawing to launch and see how much we have enjoyed the process. The collaboration, the trading and testing of ideas, the satisfaction and challenges have resulted in the new Unfurled. We are proud and profoundly grateful to al who were involved."


This new sailing yacht has been designed for anexperienced sailing couple, as a replacement of their highly successful Frers112 of the same name, designed by Frers in 1999. 

While the design brief called for essentially the sameconcept “a Frers sailing boat”, there are many differences that convey theevolution of our yacht designs during the last fifteen years in cruiser-racers.

According to our racing yacht practice the hull design has beenextensively analysed and refined. The low drag maximum waterline lengthpowerful shape of the canoe body has been fitted with a telescopic keel formaximum upwind speed and twin rudders.”

Designer and Naval Architect - GermanFrers

Specific technical features include a large sail plan with a square-topmainsail complimented a hull with twin rudders, lifting keel, retractablepropulsion, a Vitters’ rudder feedback system, pop-up bollards, fast captivewinches, a below deck winch pit, deck drainage integrated in the railing, atwin submarine anchor system, and flush covered tender storage serviced with ahydraulic crane. 

To achieve the highest quality for propulsion solutions, the attentionof the engineering team was focused to enhance hull performance withoutdragging a feathered propeller through the water. This integrated design had tobe achieved within a tight weight focus. As such, for the main propulsion twolightweight retractable pods have been custom developed by the VittersShipyard’s in-house engineering team. Both thrusters are direct drive and are ableto rotate 90° enabling flexible vesselmovement then retracting behind flush hull doors for sailing.

Variations in poweringmake the system even more remarkable. Direct driven, hydraulically orelectrically driven all have typical characteristics to meet specificrequirements. Increased manoeuvrability by application of advanced controlsystems. In house development and customisation.

Interior design
Unfurled has a sophisticated, innovative interior based on simplegeometric principles but rich in detail reflecting the owner’s rational designapproach and objective perfectionism. It has been designed to seamlessly unitewith the Germán Frers sleek and elegant exterior lines to give the yacht aharmonious integrity. 

In Unfurled, craftsmanship has combined withtechnology to create a totally modern and innovative nautical interior of thehighest standard.”

Stunning conditions mark the end of hugely successful regatta
Numarine at Fort Lauderdale Int’l Boat Show 2016