Quadrofoil's Q2 prototype

Quadrofoil's Q2 prototype

Quadrofoil teams up with Podkrižnik to manufacture its new electric motors


01/08/2017 - 13:30

As a result of the extended pre-production testing of the Q2 prototypes, the final product will incorporate some changes to ensure full promised functionality, maneuverability and safety, with an intent to meet all standards for a finished product, which are also needed for any future certification. The biggest and most prominent change is the Quadrofoil's very own new electric motor that substituted the standard motor used in the past. After developing a completely new model of their electric outboard motor, Quadrofoil joined forces with Podkrižnik to manufacture, test and fine-tune the motor prototypes. Excellent results convinced both partners to team up for a cooperation for the manufacture and development of Quadrofoil's new electric motors. Podkrižnik™ has acquired Quadrofoil's know-how for their two models – Sportline and Flowline, which will be produced exclusively for use on Quadrofoil's Q2 watercrafts. Agreement also includes Quadrofoil's know-how and platform for the development and production of other electric motors for vessels without foils.

New partnership for a better product

In October 2016, Quadrofoil finished the 14 months long extended pre-production testing of the second Q2 prototype. They pushed the prototype to its limits for over 2.200 nautical miles in all weather and water conditions to test and review all electrical and mechanical assemblies, the body work and the watercraft’s ergonomics and functionality. During the testing period, the prototype had also undergone some important upgrades to meet all standards for a finished product, which are also needed for any future certification. The biggest and most important change to the prototype is the new electric outboard engine.

The previous market standard electric motor was substituted with a selection of two completely new electric outboard motors designed and developed by Quadrofoil's R&D team and manufactured by Podkrižnik. New electric motors and propeller range, with a unique Quadrofoil design, higher technical standards and top performance, will allow buyers to choose between two power/usage options – the Sportline motors with 5.5 kW of power, allowing higher speeds and electric tilting, and the entry level Flowline motors with 3.7 kW and manual tilting. Both models are light-weight and provide top performance while keeping the Quadrofoil state-of-the art design and durability. Both motors are also backed up with two newly developed motor propellers – one for Sportline motors and the other for Flowline motors.

Jure Podkrižnik, CTO at Podkrižnik, accompanied the newly signed partnership with a statement: “we are proud that we've convinced Quadrofoil with a shared vision of the future, knowledge, experience, professionalism and technology. We share big dreams with Quadrofoil, and there is no time to waste. We've already started the serial production of the first batch of Quadrofoil Sportline electric motors to support the Q2S Electric Limited Edition client deliveries in spring 2017. Additionally, the new electric motor range is also a superb platform for future developments and new motors to come, also for other vessels without foils.” 

Simon Pivec, Director of R&D at Quadrofoil, commented on the new partnership: “new engines will complete our Q2S product line with a state-of-the-art design, best performance and functionality and, most of all, durability. Now our Quadrofoil Q2 is finally ready to deliver on its promises and meet all the buyers’ expectations. Partnership with Podkrižnik is very important, not only because of their capabilities to manufacture top quality products, but mostly because of the expertise of their R&D team and their ability to share ideas and experiences.”

Cooperation today will bring even more success in the future.

Company Podkrižnik specializes in production of drive assemblies, special metal parts and complex composite parts. Podkrižnik recognized the potential of Quadrofoil's electric outboard motor and bought their know-how for the development and manufacturing of not only two exclusive Quadrofoil models, but also for other market standard vessels without foils. Both companies recognized the fast developing market for electrical outboard motors as an important opportunity for the future, therefore joining forces was the only logical step towards conquering the market. The contract was signed last week and the manufacturing of the first 150 Sportline motors for the sold out Quadrofoil Q2S Electric Limited Edition is already in progress.

Iztok Podkrižnik, CEO at Podkrižnik, commented the signing of the agreement: “this is one of the biggest opportunities for the future. We all know that electrification boom of the boating segment is still to come. Together with Quadrofoil, we will offer a variety of solutions to motivate vessel owners to consider a change from fossil fuel to electricity."

Marjan M. Rožman, President and CEO at Quadrofoil, added: “the fourth industrial revolution is finally coming to water transport, bringing to use cheaper, cleaner and nature friendly technologies, which are mostly based on electric propulsion. Teaming up with Podkrižnik™ brings us closer to achieving our vision of the future – revolutionized, cleaner, cheaper and fun water transport. Apart from that, it’s also a big opportunity to offer our state-of-the-art electric motors to other vessels without foils. The potential is vast and market demand is constantly growing.”

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