Italian yacht design studio PGYD presents the new Shade G50 project

Italian yacht design studio PGYD presents the new Shade G50 project

Italian yacht design studio PGYD presents the new Shade G50 project

Yacht Design

03/10/2023 - 16:48

Coherent with the studio's philosophy of designing "out of the box", this new project proposes a different way of experiencing the spaces on board thanks to new architectural solutions and an alternative layout. The project is characterized by its sinuous lines; seen in profile, a single aerodynamic curve starts from the windshield of the wheelhouse and ends at the stern, defining the large lateral arches which become the characterizing elements of the project as they allow the creation of a new typology of space; an opening and closing space, a real pergola integrated into the overall design which allows the entire stern area to be enjoyed in any weather condition.

The sensation when getting on board is that of "entering an open space" as the external area can be experienced while remaining totally covered by the large awning of the pergola which can be opened electrically. It's like finding yourself in an architecturally inspired "front porch" that anticipates the entrance to the large "villa". In the stern area, at waterline height, there is a large internal beach club, with customizable layout, whose presence is made possible thanks to the engine room being moved forward and the positioning of the guest cabins on the main deck. Guest cabins which therefore benefit from the greater volumes of the main deck and greater brightness thanks to the large side windows on the hull. Their positioning favors both guests and crew, with the latter having complete access to the lower deck to best carry out on-board functions. The interiors are modern and bright, characterized by long LED strips that cut and define functions and materials.

The different interpretation of the spaces is also reflected in the upper deck, which becomes for the exclusive use of the owner. Here too there is an area that can be customized by the owner, located before access to the real cabin; cabin that flows towards the stern into a very large private terrace, whose privacy is optimized using lateral micro-perforated panels which let light pass through but limit visibility from the yachts alongside the mooring when in port.

The G50 is characterized by a strong "horizontality" of the spaces which allows for an expanded perception of the environments. This perception is evident on the main deck, where the external beach club, the internal beach club and the lounge can appear as a single large external/internal environment. The expansion of this single large space also takes place vertically as the stern area with the infinity pool, placed entirely on a single level, is immersed in a "double volume".

The G50 project aims to intercept a potentially younger-than-average group of owners with a recognizable and modern product both from a stylistic and functional point of view, where they can spend more time onboard even beyond the classic summer holiday, thanks to the distribution of the spaces which guarantees greater usability both by the owner and his guests.

PGYD studio has also developed a 40 mt version of 398 GT using the same concepts and with the same family feeling; it will be released in the next weeks.

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