Moroder and the FPT team

Moroder and the FPT team

FPT and Giorgio Moroder will work on the engine sound of the future


07/12/2019 - 10:19

It all started with a teaser in April in Munich: during a special and exclusive evening, FPT Industrial and Giorgio Moroder announced their official collaboration, the first of its kind for the industrial powertrain sector. And when such pioneers and innovators team up, the result is sure to be something brilliant.
During the past months, FPT Industrial and Giorgio Moroder have geared up to show the world how the sound of the future will play out in the next generation of the Brand’s engine. The 3-time Oscar winner has composed a new and original sound identity for the FPT Industrial innovative powertrain and it is now time to let it play out as a signature sound that will be integrated in key Brand touch points.
FPT Industrial chose one of the most world-wide famous stages to release this new soundscape: the CES 2020 in Las Vegas. During the exhibition, FPT Industrial and Giorgio Moroder will get behind the DJ console giving the chance to listen to the final step in this special journey. Since the world of automotive and industrial transport is evolving towards a silent future through the use of alternative fuels and electrification, FPT Industrial has tackled this challenge by bringing onboard one of the most innovative and
groundbreaking musical artists ever. And the development of the sound is a journey itself.


Giorgio Moroder
Giorgio Moroder

Giorgio Moroder was at work, side by side with the FPT Industrial Innovation team to develop the most advanced solution, by opening the path to a new experience in mobility. Soon, the Brand will also unveil the making of this new soundscape, which depicts Giorgio Moroder at work with FPT engineers at the Brand’s Research & Development Center in Arbon, Switzerland. The public will have the chance to see the legendary composer introducing the concepts and methodology he followed to create and craft the Brand’s sound identity.
“The sound has to be as innovative as the engine is and has to fill the gap between the engine and the music. It’s great to know that my creation will be part of FPT Industrial brand touch points. Talking with engineers in Arbon was a great inspiration to me and when creating the sound, I always kept their experience in my mind.” commented Giorgio Moroder.
Being the father of the disco music, Giorgio Moroder is an artist that has had a deep impact through his musical innovation and he perfectly fits all of the FPT Industrial brand values. It’s a great opportunity for the Brand to share a common vision about the future. “I have always loved to experiment with the relationship between man and machine. The song ‘I Feel Love’ has a mechanical, electronic rhythm made by the synthesizer and Donna’s (Summer) amazing voice, is the human heart of the song. This innovation had so much impact in the music business that even Brian Eno told David Bowie ‘Giorgio has found the sound of the future’. I love challenges and FPT Industrial proposed something completely new and unique to me: a pioneering project, both in music and in powertrain technology,” said Giorgio Moroder.
The artist has always been fascinated by the automotive industry: in the ‘80s he developed a supercar with the engineer Claudio Zampolli and with the legendary designer Marcello Gandini, the Cizeta Moroder. It features a V16 engine with a stunning sound.
"We really want to give a voice and a soul to our engines and I am sure it will be hard to believe what we are going to hear soon. Giorgio Moroder’s creation is destined to become very familiar for millions of drivers, while giving an extraordinary contribution to driving pleasure,” stated Annalisa Stupenengo, Powertrain President. “Just as Giorgio, in FPT Industrial we are driven by innovation and quality and with 150 years of experience, the Brand has introduced groundbreaking solutions. For FPT Industrial this idea is destined to uplift the human-machine experience on vehicles for decades”.
Watch the Giorgio Moroder in Arbon at this link. Stay tuned to the Brand channels to learn more about this incredible journey and to hear about the sound of the future.

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