Quadrofoil Raises € 3.0 Million in Series A Funding

Quadrofoil Raises € 3.0 Million in Series A Funding

Quadrofoil Raises € 3.0 Million in Series A Funding


14/03/2019 - 10:05

New investors will accelerate Quadrofoils’ manufacturing and market activities in 2019.
Quadrofoil is shaping the future of the nautical industry with energy efficient and environmentally friendly vessels powered by electric motors and equipped with hydrofoils and a patented steering system, which can be used on all water surfaces of the world.

As the first and most important step of closing the one-year-long investors pitch process, Quadrofoil Secures € 3.0 Million Series A Financing Round Led by Switzerland based investor AlpVent AG for accelerates production and global product presence. The new investment brings Quadrofoil total funding, since the launch of its revolutionary eco-friendly vessel Q2 Electric, to €4.2 Million and will help the company to expand manufacturing capacity and approach more aggressively to the sales and marketing efforts as well as accelerate the development of new products.

The investment, it marks as one of the largest venture rounds for nautical-focused high-tech company, will also help Quadrofoil re-focus on research and development of new technologies, platforms, products and solutions for autonomous water transportation system. Fresh capital will at the same time help the company speed up its transformation from a start-up to a serious international company, firmly anchored on international water transportation markets and beyond – with its knowledge, ingenuity, innovations and desirable futuristic products firmly.
It will also speed up the second phase of investors pitch Series B funding – building functionally-focused partnerships like establishing international mass serial production, establishing new R&D centre, sales and distribution network as well as after sales and service network, renting and sharing system, etc.
The company aim to design and produce sustainable, green vessels that are the paragon of modern technology -from personal watercraft for daily use to public and cargo transportation vessels. With using of their own extensive knowledge, they strive for developing high-efficiency, eco-friendly means of water transport – focusing on exploiting the physics behind the hydrofoiling technology.

About AlpVent
AlpVent AG is a Swiss investment company investing in highly promising start-ups. As a result of 25 years of entrepreneurial experience they understand the needs of entrepreneurs extremely well. By offering investment capital and management consulting services to the start-ups AlpVent provides so called smart money support. Marjan M. Rožman, Quadrofoil President & CEO: “We are creating technology that propels the future of the nautical industries and energy-efficient water transportation systems. AlpVents’ investment is a powerful signal that we are the innovative leader in our field and a confirmation that we have done things right in the past. Seeing the future in the same form, shape and benefits for the planet and people on one side, and joining ideas, innovations and concepts with market knowledge and access to capital on the other, has brought us to the new platform of cooperation that will give us the very much needed boost of fresh energy to deliver on our past promises and focus on developing new eco-friendly water transport solutions.”
Aleksander Kopač, AlpVent AG President & CEO:“Quadrofoil is more than just a start-up with one fancy product and a globally recognizable brand. Quadrofoil is especially an  exceptional Team. We recognized the value of the Quadrofoils’ unique and revolutionary vision, ideas, innovations, products and the possible future impacts of global deployment of clean, energy efficient and user-friendly hydro-foiling water transport solutions. Together we will be addressing a 60 Billion Euro global market of nautical and water transport industry.

Being able to support
Quadrofoil on its way to global market success is a good and safe investment opportunity for AlpVent. I think this investment sends a strong signal on the types of technologies that will define the nautical industry in the future.”

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