Classic Boats Venice

Classic Boats Venice

Experience electric boating at Salone Nautico Venezia 2021


01/06/2021 - 11:09

Venice, Italy (27 May 2021) – Torqeedo will present the future of marine mobility at the Salone Nautico Venezia held at the Venetian Arsenale, a cluster of historic shipyards and armouries. The Salone Nautico’s motto embraces this proud past - "boatbuilding is coming back home." But innovation in shipbuilding looks different these days. The guiding values of the show are sustainability and better resource management.

Venice: there is no other city in the world that is so emblematic of life on the water. Thirty-three million tourists visited Venice in 2019, riding the gondolas or water taxis through the canals, not to mention the 50 cruise ships that dock each year right next to St. Mark's Square. Now many initiatives and entrepreneurs are trying to develop new, more sustainable solutions for the city.

Classic Boats Venice
Classic Boats Venice

Toffolo Officine srl, a shipyard with a 110-year history and deep roots in Venetian heritage boatbuilding, has partnered with Torqeedo to bring their high-tech electric mobility products to “The Floating City” and to the Salone Nautico. The shipyard is also a fully certified and authorised Service Centre for Torqeedo products, including the high-voltage Deep Blue systems.

The full line of Torqeedo products will be on display in Toffolo Officine’s booth in the electric boating area of the Salone Nautico. Toffolo Officine, Aqa Marine, Magonis Boats and Torqeedo are also bringing along a variety of electric boats available for testing:

K-85 by Kaiserboote: this fast, lightweight, emission-free speedboat is equipped with a 50 kW Deep Blue inboard system. Hold on to your hat – you’ll feel like you’re flying over the lagoon with no noise or vibration, just fun.

Mana 23 with Cruise 10.0: billed as the “most environmentally friendly motorboat in the world”, the Mana 23 by RAND blends high-tech electric mobility, solar charging and practicality with Scandinavian design and the latest green boatbuilding practices.

Picnic 18 with Cruise 4.0: The Picnic 18 by RAND is the environmentally friendly, ultrasimple approach to social activity at sea. Designed around the central picnic table the 18ft open daycruiser is the perfect platform for plug-and-play social experiences on water.

Wave e-550 with Cruise 10.0: With electric propulsion, the lighter the boat, the better the performance. At just 335 kg dry weight, the Wave e-550 by Magonis Boats is highly efficient and can carry up to three Power 48-5000 lithium batteries for unparalleled autonomy.

One of the highlights of the program is a four-day e-regatta, during which a wide variety of electrically powered boats will ply the waters of this ancient city. The e-Regatta is a great showcase for the viability of electric marine propulsion for recreational and commercial boats on Venice’s 26 miles of canals. The electric boat regatta is being organized by

VeniceAgenda 2028, Triumph Group International and the Assonautica Venezia under the banner of Inland Waterways International.

"The Italian market is embracing the shift towards a lower emission future," said Gennaro Giliberti, Torqeedo sales manager for Italy. “Above all, it is important to convince commercial users of the technology. Venice is uniquely at-risk from sea level rise and it is time for action.”

Giliberti believes the electrification of Venice’s commercial fleet will start with the mototopi, the typical motorboats used to deliver goods in the lagoon and historic city centre, and the vaporetti, Venice’s public transit system of water buses.

 “Torqeedo offers a wide variety of complete, industrially designed and manufactured systems to simplify the electrification of commercial vessels. The whole world is looking at Venice," Giliberti said. "What works here will accelerate change elsewhere."

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