Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour

Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour

Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour will start again this year


31/01/2023 - 15:36

The Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour will start again this year and will take place from 30 June to 2 August (opening of the village in Genoa on 24 June). The event, which bears the name of the Marina Militare and which the Armed Forces actively supports, is organized by Difesa Servizi S.p.A. in collaboration with SSi Sports & Events, and with the fundamental support of ENIT - the National Tourism Agency - and the Italian Sailing Federation. The event will be presented on February 12 at the BIT in Milan. The Tour, now in its third edition, has so far obtained an exceptional result, positioning itself, by degree of interest, among the top three known sailing competitions in Italy.

The Tour of Italy under sail is a container of institutional, social, environmental, brand and sporting values and was created in particular to promote the Valore Paese Italia project. In 2023 it will also be under the banner of technology, ecology and sustainable mobility and, through the various related initiatives, it will become an experience also open to young people and non-professional sailors, involving institutions, partners, investors, and representatives in general of the world of tourism, communication, entrepreneurship in a community capable of transforming the Tour into energy and concrete projects. A deeply felt and participatory sharing on the strategic importance of an initiative, Valore Paese Italia, which increasingly takes the form of a national project which, through various thematic strands, places public goods, therefore common goods, at the center of a new economic model and land use.

The Tour 2023 will start from Genoa, where it will inaugurate its regatta village to celebrate the arrival of the teams returning from The Ocean Race, and celebrate the departure of the Amerigo Vespucci ship's World Tour, and will end in Venice, using the winning format of last season (offshore, inshore and board). The last details of the calendar of the event are being defined, scheduled as always on eight fractions. The village, with many opportunities, will be open to the general public, with meeting areas full of collateral activities, where you can follow the regattas, fully breathe the passion for the sea, sailing and for the Italian tourist attractions. In each stage location there will be "OPEN DAYS" organized by the Italian Sailing Federation, moments of introduction to the sport of sailing for the youngest.

With the Giro dell'Italia at the center of the schedule, the organization has begun to draw the lines for 2023 which will be divided into further four appointments, all under the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa brand and all with a strongly international scope. It will begin on April 20 in Livorno, with the 2nd Mediterranean Female Offshore Championship in cooperation with The Magenta Project. Just over a month and in France it will be time for the Double Mixed Offshore European Championship (June 1-8). Once the MMNRTour is over in July we will then return to racing after a couple of months to compete for the Double Mixed Offshore World Championship (October 2-8), along a route to be defined which will start and end in Taranto. It will be the third time that this important event has been entrusted by World Sailing to the organization of SSI Events and Difesa Servizi S.p.A. Not even the time to catch his breath before the Beneteau Figaro 3 will be transferred to Venice for the iconic and increasingly awaited closing of the season: the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Veloce which, with its 1492 miles of sporting pain to cover in doubles over a period of characterized by demanding conditions and limited hours of light, it is confirmed as the longest regatta in the Mediterranean.

"The Marina Militare and sailing have an indissoluble bond rooted in time. Sailing is part of every sailor's DNA, it is part of the values that unite this sport to life, an element of cohesion of our crews right from the training, where courage, generosity, loyalty, team spirit and the desire to overcome one's limits are the basic elements to become a good sailor. Sailing is also a continuous exchange of experiences, between past and future, between seafaring tradition and new technologies and contributes to the growth impulse of the national maritime economic sector in what is defined as the "blue century". The theme of maritimeity is in fact one of the most important factors for the sustainable and inclusive development of the national economy precisely for a country like ours which, with its approximately 8000 kilometers of coastline, has a central position in the Mediterranean area. The Nastro Rosa Tour embodies all of this and feeds sensitivity towards the sea and what it represents for our country" concluded the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Marina Militare, Three Stars Admiral Giuseppe Berutti Bergotto.

"We are in the third edition of the sailing tour of Italy and this makes us proud and satisfied with this result - began Luca Andreoli, General Manager of Difesa Servizi - The Navy Nastro Rosa Tour, born to give value to the Marina Militare brand through sailing, has quickly become an effective initiative to promote our wonderful country, looking at it from a different angle which is that of the sea. Thus Valore Paese Italia has opened up to new areas compared to when, a few years ago, we launched the project with public real estate assets at the center together with ENIT, the State Property Agency and the Ministry of Culture, further enriching itself with suggestive and strong impact. This event, therefore, continues to be a showcase also for the suggestive Italian seaside resorts, as it combines tourism, culture, environment, soft mobility and territorial identity. As always, the reference point for boats will be our network of Italian lighthouses, which in the reconversion and reuse phase have always given their name to the Navy Nastro Rosa Tour high seas fleet".

"Considering that we are still in January, the calendar could undergo small changes, but also in 2023 the Marina Militare Nastro Rosa Tour will be able to offer its classic menu made up of great challenges, titles to conquer and records to be beaten - explains Riccardo Simoneschi, leader of SSI Events - I am very happy with the relationship established over the years with Difesa Servizi S.p.A.: the events organized with them are highly attractive and competitive. New for 2023 will be the synergy with the ORC from which we expect an influx of a new generation of sailors. To make our events even more unique and attractive, we are thinking about a general classification that takes into consideration the best results achieved by racing in the events managed by our brand, in order to be able to recognize merit to the most determined and consistent protagonists. I invite those who want to experience a great offshore season, or compete within our Waszp fleet, to contact us via the website or social media".

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