The Peacoq 14

The Peacoq 14

The French based company Foily presents the Peacoq' project

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28/10/2020 - 12:29

Summer 2013, Kiwis struggle against Americans below the Golden Gate during Americas’s cup world famous regatta. It is as this precise moment that Patrick Billot, sailing fan, decide to take part of this Foiling revolution. He always wondered why foiling practice was dedicated to competitors? What about the other sailors? Five years later, the market has not moved so much hence the entrepreneur decides to gather a team of foiling expert around him in order to complete this market need. His objective is the following: allow every sailing fan to get into exciting foiling sensations and feelings.

2 years later Patrick’s company (Foily) is offering 2 models in its range:
- Peacoq’, private owners version, high end version fully Harken equipped ;
- -Sailing schools version Peacoq 14

Both of those versions have a distinguished specification with a common basis which could be summed-up in 3 words : Easyness, Stability, Sensations.

The Peacoq‘

Peacoq‘ can be started from a beach, a lake with a standard launching trolley. Feather weight (130 Kg) simplify beach handling. Besides all appendages can be fully lifted in such way that nothing comes out from the hull! Therefore, it is allowed to sail in “displacement mode” like a classic dinghy (without flying). To conclude full flushed deck and self-tacking jib simplify handling of the boat.

Programm: Peacoq’ is double handed dinghy which allow to make your very first flights without specific guidelines. Indeed, its usage and its control is very much closed to what is already done with a classic dinghy. Furthermore Peacoq’ is giving an interesting learning curve to be able to last flying phase against floating phases.

Peacoq is meant for sailing fans from every age. It is even dedicated to those who are used to cruising sailing boats and would not feel so much comfortable on dinghy. Indeed Peacoq’ is in between the classic dinghy and the cruising monohull since its hull is highly stable and powerful thanks to scow bow. Thanks to self-levelling J foils flying on water is a way to get rid of drags and give lightness sensation which is combined with speed sensation which are really exciting. With IPA (International Peacoq Association) owners gather once a year to share their sailing passion and foiling knowledge during regatta or sailing trips around islands.

Manufacturing process

100% manufactured in France, the hull is vacuumized at SISCO COMPOSITES which is a yard having a long experience in nautical sector as well as aeronautical sector.

Technical features
Length: 4.20m
Beam: 1.82 (foils folded)
Architect: MMprocess
Weight: 130 kg
Hull: sandwich fiber glass with foam with carbon finishings

Main with its deck seeper: 9,5m²
Self-tacking jib: 3,5m²
Rudder folding system
Foiling folding system
Lateral J foil

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