Under the Coronado bridge

Under the Coronado bridge

Caribù 2 Solid Sail: a true world-class explorer sailing yacht


29/09/2021 - 15:30

Introducing the New Caribù model with a Solid Sail system designed to benefit from the installation of two Chantiers de l’Atlantique Solid Sail/ AeolDrive sail and mast system.  The Caribù with the Solid Sails system has many great advantages over traditional sailing rigs.  Five of those advantages are listed below.

The 1st notable advantage is the tilting masts. These masts tilt 70 degrees forward to reduce the air draft from 237 feet to 131 feet making it possible for the Caribù to traverse below most bridges. Caribù now can have direct access to the Panama Canal, San Francisco, San Diego and many more notable harbors.

The 2nd advantage of the Solid Sail system is the automated setting and dropping of the sails.

The 3rd advantage is the boat can be pointed in any direction when raising or lowering of the sails. The Solid Sail System has 360-degree rotating masts. The captain simply rotates the masts into the wind to preform the raising and lowering of the sails.

The 4th advantage is the Solid Sail material has a 20 plus year service life vs 4 to 5 years for traditional Dacron sails.

The 5th advantage is the free-standing masts are clean and free of yards and shrouds, thus making voyages into icing conditions much more practical and safer. Introducing a deicing system to these clean masts is very feasible.

The Solid Sail system has integrated load sensing technology that informs the captain how much to drive the sail rigs. 

The main sail on each mast is comprised of semi rigid panels that are hinged together, the jib is a traditional Dacron sail that is automatically rolled in or out.

The Solid Sail system is significantly less expensive than other free-standing sail rig systems.

The new Caribù features an observation bubble at the upper part of the bridge to offer an unobstructed view of the sails while underway.

The New Caribù with Solid Sails is a 113 meter, six-deck, two masted polar class sailing yacht. She is equipped with several One-of-a-Kind features including an unheard of 1913 ft² aircraft hangar with a landing area that is only rivaled by an aircraft carrier. Like her namesake, her unique features are striking, elegant and strong, with the ability to go on journeys of great distances.

The New Caribù sailing yacht incorporates an integrated aircraft hangar that has enough space to house and protect up to three small helicopters or 2 medium helicopters. The huge landing area permits safe aircraft operations during rough conditions. The two large cranes can help load and off-load special research equipment easily.


She features a massive 2000 ft² owners suite with a private full-sized pool at the stern.  The pool features the Kozloff invention of a hard retractable cover so draining is not required in rough conditions. She also features a full beam beach club with retractable decks, a definite rarity for a sailing yacht.

The New Caribù has 2 master suites and can safely host 14 guests and a crew of 20 in full luxury. To assure the safety of all aboard, she is equipped with two free fall lifeboats that can be deployed in the worst of conditions.

Of note are the heated handrails and heated doors to minimize icing problems.

Aft of the bridge her design includes a spa with the hard retractile cover. The spacious fly bridge with a full command and control station has a large, shaded lounging area for up to six people. 

Her cavernous full beam garage can handle multiple tenders and other water toys. 

She can cruise at 15kts for 6000 nautical miles with diesel power only. Her range is greatly extended with careful management of her hybrid diesel-electric systems and sail power. Under sail power only, she can make 15kts. Her ice class hull can easily break through moderate ice conditions.

The interior space has multi-levels, curved walls, and a multitude of large windows providing a near panoramic view.  This will be an exciting space for the future owner and interior designers to create a masterpiece of comfort and luxury.
The New Caribù is a true world-class explorer sailing yacht with all the luxury of any super-yacht and much more!


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