Pelorus conducts a dual vessel expedition combining penguin conservation research with heli-skiing, kayaking amongst icebergs and ice climbs

Pelorus conducts a dual vessel expedition combining penguin conservation research with heli-skiing, kayaking amongst icebergs and ice climbs

Unforgettable Antarctica, only visited by scientists and explorers


14/03/2022 - 15:32

Considered by many as the most inaccessible place on earth, Antarctica - in the main only visited by scientists and explorers - is the earth's last great wilderness.

In December 2021, Pelorus arranged a dual vessel yacht expedition onboard 77m Legend, an ex-soviet ice breaker, turned luxury yacht, for a unique heli-skiing holiday. Having two helicopters meant that skiers were able to ski mountains that had never been skied before, further inland in complete safety. The guests were also able to spend time with gentoo and chinstrap penguins in their natural habitat, supporting the work of a research scientist who accompanied the group onboard the yacht.

Gentoo penguins are now being discovered further south than ever before due to rising global temperatures and the diminishing ice sheets and glaciers. The guests supported the scientist's monitoring of these native penguin colonies, to assess how their habitats are being altered by climate change. This vital research had been halted due to the pandemic, and the opportunity for the project to restart was made possible by the scientist's participation in this journey.

On a five-day holiday to Antarctica, Pelorus recommends the following experiences, weather permitting:
Cruise through 'Iceberg Alley' and visit the northernmost emperor penguin colony by helicopter
Explore Trinity Island and spot Antarctic wildlife including chinstrap and gentoo penguins.
Discover rock formations at Spert Island and cruise towards Enterprise Island in search of humpback whales and orcas
Explore the wreck of Norwegian whaler ship, Governoren, and cruise the Gerlache Strait to Cuverville Island.
Anchor to sea kayak and paddleboard among huge populations of penguins and seals.

Navigate with the captain through the iceberg-filled Neumayer Channel. Hike around Port Lockroy, an old British base, now designated historic site, and visit Palmer Station, the US Antarctic base, while keeping an eye out for leopard seals and adélie penguins

Pelorus offers utterly memorable experiences on the continent, working with global experts to create unrivalled polar yacht expeditions, all within the boundaries of IAATO. From heli-skiing on 'never-been-skied' terrain, to participating in conservation and scientific research, ice climbing some of the planet's oldest glaciers, or kayaking through the icy waters, the opportunities are vast for all manner of traveller.

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