Francesca during the Tour deBretagne, Ph Pierrick Contin

Francesca during the Tour deBretagne, Ph Pierrick Contin

Tour de Bretagne: close battle for Francesca Clapcich 4th in Leg 5


11/07/2021 - 14:35

After a close battle at the top, Francesca and Jesse finished Leg 5 in 4th place! The Figaro Class is hard and no other team leave anything on the table.
“After a not perfect start we believed to stay close to the shore and work the strategy with the current, we had the A2 up and it was all about having the best VMG mode to gain separation on the fleet. Our speed was good and we had good gybes.

After rounding the Spineg Cardinal in 2nd the fight started, we had lot of gybes and lot of rocks, pots and
shallow water to avoid. It was mentally and physically really hard but we did a good job! At the end we fought hard on the finish line with the Macif team and unfortunately we just finish 2” behind them! As a non French  team we are happy with our result and happy that we are close with the speed and decisions!

The Tour de Bretagne arrive at his final stages. Today (July 9th ndr) they will race a coastal leg of 18nm close to The Glenans islands. Tomorrow the fleet will depart for the last long
leg from Concarneau to Quiberon. Then in Quiberon one last coastal leg will decide the final leaderboard! Still lot of points on the table!!!

Francesca Clapcich

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