Rosetti Superyacht RSY 38m EXP

Rosetti Superyacht RSY 38m EXP

Rosetti Superyachts divestment: official denial forthcoming


25/02/2023 - 16:11

Recent rumors circulating on the internet suggest that Rosetti Superyachts may be up for sale, but according to reports from quayside radio, the shipyard plans to officially deny these allegations in the near future. The company, which entered the luxury yacht market six years ago with its line of metal explorer yachts, is currently producing the RSY 38m EXP hull No. 2, which will be delivered in the summer, and for which the stand at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023 has already been optioned, and has negotiations underway for other vessels. The rumors of a sale have reportedly caused concern for the management of Rosetti Superyachts, as they may impact ongoing negotiations. However, the company has not officially confirmed or denied the sale rumors at this time.

RSY 38m EXP hull No. 2

However, the future of the San Vitale Shipyard in Ravenna remains shrouded in secrecy. The shipyard spans across 70,000 square metre area, with 10,000 square meters of covered space, and boasts a 180 by 27 metre drydock and 175 metres of quay. It is expected to be acquired by the Ferretti Group, but no official announcement has been made. The San Vitale Shipyards is one of three production sites owned by the Rosetti Marino Group, a Milano Stock Exchange-listed company that specializes in shipbuilding and oil & gas structures. The other two sites are the Piomboni shipyard, also located in Ravenna, and the Temir AT Yard in Akshukur, Kazakhstan.

Rosetti Superyachts is not directly affiliated with Cantiere San Vitale, but instead utilizes available production slots and also conducts block assembly and launches at the Piomboni yard.

Hence, Rosetti Superyachts is expected to neither confirm nor deny the reports about the San Vitale Shipyard’s potential sale to Ferretti Group, as it is not directly involved in the matter. Similarly, the top management of Rosetti Marino and the nautical holding company based in Forlì have refrained from commenting on the subject.

During the boot Dusseldorf press conference last month, Alberto Galassi, Ferretti Group CEO, expressed his confidence in the company’s strong financial position and its readiness for strategic acquisitions. In light of previous statements made by Galassi about the Group’s search for a new facility in Italy, the silence of Rosetti Superyachts, Rosetti’s Marino’stop management, and the nautical holding company regarding the possible sale of the San Vitale Shipyard to Ferretti Group may be interpreted as a tacit approval of the operation. With the superyacht sector experiencing a surge in demand in the past two years, the acquisition of another shipyard may be an urgent necessity for the Group to sustain its growth and meet the demands of its impressive order book.

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