The crossing of the century aboard the Queen Mary 2

The crossing of the century aboard the Queen Mary 2

The crossing of the century aboard the Queen Mary 2


01/08/2017 - 13:43

On June 23rd in Cherbourg, 2,500 privileged passengers will board the most prestigious ocean liner in the world: the Queen Mary 2, flagship of THE BRIDGE 2017. Specially chartered to mark a century of the American landing in 1917, the superb ocean liner which is the vessel of the British company, Cunard, will race the worlds multihulls from Saint-Nazaire to New York, retracing the course taken by the Sammie's. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in a historical crossing. There are still cabins available for the public to purchase. Individuals and entrepreneurs wishing to take part in this six day long Atlantic crossing can book tickets on the website at 
An unbelievable journey!

At the heart of the unprecedented transatlantic crossing
THE BRIDGE 2017 is launching an extraordinary challenge: racing the Queen Mary 2 against the most fabulous ocean racers, on an unprecedented route between Saint-Nazaire and New York. 

Four carbon maxi trimarans, will take on the steel ship, including new solo sailors Thomas Colville   (Sobedo) and round the world record holders Francis Joyon (Idec). This race will be an intense “duel” and a breathtaking adventure that can be experienced onboard the legendary liner which has now been transformed into race HQ. Privileged spectators, stakeholders, passengers, individuals and entrepreneurs will be able to ask the skippers and their crews questions live from the North Atlantic Ocean, which is now sets the stage for a new sailing record. 

One hundred years of friendship between  France and the USA
The Bridge 2017, will retrace the course of the landing of two million American soldiers who came to defend freedom alongside the Allies in June 1917, from  Saint-Nazaire to New York, from the City of Liners to the Big Apple.  Envisioned as a bridge of friendship – hence its name - the French and American event will celebrate the allegiance through sailing, music and basketball. This will mark a century of exchanges between two countries that are separated by an ocean and united by unshakeable ties. On board Queen Mary 2, passengers will take part in an exceptional crossing following a course that originates from a major historical event and therefore has symbolic significance.
Her Majesty’s return to Saint-Nazaire 
The Queen Mary 2 will be escorted from Brest by the Centennial Armada, an international fleet which will fly the flag of the twelve nations involved in the First World War. The first stop will be Saint-Nazaire on the 24th June, its port of origin. More than 13 years after its delivery by the Chantiers de l’Atlantique – the flagship of French shipbuilding - individuals and entrepreneurs embarked on the Queen Mary 2 will have the great honour and privilege of experiencing these moving reunions from the inside. 

The Cunard Company flagship was named in 2003 by Elizabeth II, Queen of England and will be the main attraction of the festivities in Sant Nazaire where she was built. On Sunday 25th  June the horn of the Queen Mary 2 will sound under the bridge of Saint-Nazaire. Aboard, passengers will salute the hundreds of thousands of spectators expected ashore to share the excitement of the start of THE BRIDGE 2017.

Exceptional luxury
At sea for six days, passengers will enjoy all  of the exclusive services that meet the quality and prestige imperatives that the British company is famous for. The Queen Mary 2 offers its passengers both speed and comfort. With its large lobby, sumptuous lounges, numerous restaurants, cinema, theatre, library of 8000 works, spas and other wellness centres, this ocean liner symbolises the golden era of transatlantic relations and guarantees an exceptional stay in a luxurious environment. 

In the framework of THE BRIDGE 2017, the 2,500 privileged passengers will enjoy an exclusive program of exchanges and meetings with historians, celebrities, musicians and entrepreneurs taking part in this adventure to share the glory of an unprecedented Atlantic crossing.

A New York awakening
A unique voyage is synonymous with a magical destination. Surely a magnificent city is the most beautiful for the finest ocean liners? Early morning on July 1st after crossing the Atlantic at full speed,  Verrazano Bridge  (port of entry to New York Bay and the final destination of THE BRIDGE 2017) will appear on the horizon. The city that never sleeps as Frank Sinatra sang, will have a triumphant welcome in store for the most beautiful cruise ship in the world. In the early hours of the morning, passengers will behold the sight of the sparkling skyscrapers of Manhattan, symbolic of the American dream. Arriving into New York City by sea and attending a final concert at the Summerstage Festival in Central Park, during THE BRIDGE 2017 is what dreams are made of!
Find all the practical information and the complete program of the crossing of the century on the booking page of the event's website.

The main dates of the crossing of the century THE BRIDGE 2017:
23rd June 2017: All passengers board the Queen Mary 2 in Cherbourg 
24th June 2017: Stopover in Saint-Nazaire and  an evening of celebration to mark the century of the landing 
25th June 2017: Start of THE BRIDGE 2017 from Saint-Nazaire
1st July 2017: Arrive in New York and a final concert at the Summerstage Festival

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