© Ivo Rovira / America's Cup

© Ivo Rovira / America's Cup

America’s Cup: surface skimming testing on Luna Rossa


16/06/2023 - 15:20

A busy Tuesday for Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli in Cagliari as they continue to find the optimal set-up both upwind and downwind for their new foil port foil configuration whilst also assessing the new flow fence that the team have applied to the upper part of the outer wing at the midsection of the starboard foil.

For sure, and highly noticeable, the asymmetric set-up of the foils is producing different flying styles side-to-side with the Flight Controllers seemingly able to bring the LEQ12 closer to the surface both upwind and downwind when flying on the new, slender port foil to provide the much-desired end-plating effect that is very much ‘a la mode’ in 2023. Similar to other teams running LEQ12 programmes either with adapted AC40s or via new-build LEQ12s, Luna Rossa are running wide cant angles in the flatter water to sink the hull down close to the surface when foiling and allowing the outboard wingtip to break the surface.

On a day that combined straight-line cant sweeps and minor pitch adjustments with full-on racecourse training, the Italians came ashore surprised at the velocity of the mid-afternoon sea-breeze that hit 16 knots in the gusts but pleased with the data gained.

Umberto Molineris, the ever-present Flight Controller & Trimmer for the team came to the interview full of his usual enthusiasm and gave a terrific interview covering the day and talking through just what is being demanded in his role as the programme moves forward: “I think, all the teams are looking for a nice sealing on the water - the goal is not to touch it but for sure to be much closer if possible.” That’s the Flight Controller’s mantra of the 37th America’s Cup.


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