Unexpected day off at 92nd Bacardi Cup edition

Unexpected day off at 92nd Bacardi Cup edition

Unexpected day off at 92nd Bacardi Cup edition


07/03/2019 - 18:26

Despite the weather forecast predicting the day’s outcome, yesterday morning everyone was still hoping a light wind race would be achievable. But, with no breeze and nothing forecast, the Race Committee called it a day at around 11:30 AM and hoisted AP over A at Coral Reef Yacht Club.

“The weather was too unstable and it would not guarantee fair racing, and possibly not even safe racing, to the competitors,” commented Regatta PRO Carl Schellbach. “We have four more days to get five races done and the forecast is looking really good. So we thought we would give the sailors a day off instead of keeping them here to wait. At 16:30 there is a Bacardi cocktail and we can enjoy all of the great opportunities Miami offers.”

Racing was cancelled early in the day, to give sailors the opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of the event, relax and kick into what is guaranteed to be a classic Bacardi cocktail party. The Race Committee know they can catch up on yesterday's race in much better conditions and give fair racing to the sailors, which is what the Bacardi Cup is all about. Plenty of spills and thrills are guaranteed over the coming days as the world class 64-boat fleet battles it out to make their mark on the leaderboard, and keep Italy’s Diego Negri/Sergio Lambertenghi, who lead after race 1, from defending their 2018 Bacardi Cup title.

Racing for the Star fleet will resume today, Wednesday March 6th, with Race 2 of the 92nd Bacardi Cup scheduled to be in starting sequence at 11:55 hours.

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