Calasetta Water Sports Festival: Registration for the competition is now open

Calasetta Water Sports Festival: Registration for the competition is now open

Calasetta Water Sports Festival: registration is now open


11/05/2023 - 17:57

With less than a month to go before the start of the Calasetta Water Sports Festival, the entire event is starting to take shape:
Registration is now open on the Federation's website for the Italian SupRace and Paddleboard Championship, scheduled for 2 to 4 June, reserved for the Under 12, Under 14, Under 16, and Agonists categories, as well as - in accordance with the rules of the Italian Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation - the parasup category, which perfectly matches the project that the Festival and the organising club Centro Nautico ASD Marinai d'Italia Sant'Antioco is developing with some local non-profit associations. Among the 'stars' who have confirmed their participation in the race that opens the calasettana event is Cecilia Pampinella, European and World Junior Champion of all three disciplines Sprint, Technical and Long Distance.

As for the IFCA World Youth & Junior Slalom Windsurfing Championship (5-11 June), at the moment eleven nations have signed up, with about fifty athletes pre-registered. But there will be more than just water sports at the Calasetta Water Sports Festival: the event as a whole is an exaltation of the beauty and excellence of the area, including music and culinary art!

On 9 June, the wait for the big evening animated by DJ Sandro Murru Kortezman will be characterised by the gastronomic excellence of Calasetta's Cus cus: it will be possible to taste the local speciality in Piazza Belly from 19:00, while from 22:30 on the notes of the great DJ Sandro Murru Kortezman the summer will begin to play at full blast, making athletes, tourists, and citizens dance in the square. On 10 June, on the same stage, the musical group Sardos will perform from 9.30 p.m. with 'the tribute to Augustus': Calasetta awaits you with its Calasetta Water sports Festival between sea, land, sport, music, and the excellence of the territory!

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