2018-19 Melges 20 Miami Winter Series

2018-19 Melges 20 Miami Winter Series

Miami Mayhem for Final 2018 Melges 20 World League Ranking Event


30/11/2018 - 13:20

The final event of the 2018 North American racing season is upon the International Melges 20 Class Association (IM20CA). The first of three 2018-19 Miami Winter Series events takes place this weekend with three incredible days of Biscayne Bay-style racing scheduled, hosted by Coconut Grove Sailing Club. 
For some teams, this event also marks the end of a very long journey. They have campaigned and competed, battled ferociously, vigorously around the globe in pursuit of being crowned the next Melges 20 World League Champion.

In attendance and currently at the top of the 2018 Melges World League Ranking is Vladimir Prosikhin's Nika. Ahead by a very slim margin, he is trailed by fellow countryman Igor Rytov at the helm of Russian Bogatyrs. 

Both teams will compete this weekend in Miami, and with Prosikhin acting as the defending Miami Winter Series Champion, the Melges 20 Class has put all the right ingredients in place for a perfect showdown.

Alexis Michas' Midnight Sun is another top team on the watch list as his third place overall 2017-18 MWS finish makes him a true American favorite. The same goes for Rob Wilber's Cinghiale. Michas and Wilber are also pumped up to be racing in Miami as they are firmly seated in the top ten on the 2018 ranking.

As always, the Melges 20 Class is happy to see new and familiar faces. Jason Michas' Midnight Blue, Bob Hughes' Heartbreacker, Daniel Thielman's Kuai and Paul Reilly's Red Sky Sailing Team are all on the starting line. The fleet is thrilled to welcome new Melges 20 competitor Peter McClennen's Gamecock Racing.
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Top ten Melges World League results (Preliminary-After 15 events)

1.) (RUS) Vladimir Prosikhin, NIKA = 148 pts.
2.) (RUS) Igor Rytov, RUSSIAN BOGATYRS = 144 pts.
3.) (MON) Achille Onorato, MASCALZONE LATINO, JR. = 125 pts.
4.) (RUS) Alexandr Ezhkov, PIROGOVO SAILING = 100 pts.
5.) (ITA) Filippo Pacinotti, BRONTOLO = 97 pts.
6.) (USA) Drew Freides, PACIFIC YANKEE = 95 pts.
7.) (ITA) Dario Levi, FREMITO D'ARJA = 80 pts.
8.) (USA) Alexis Michas, MIDNIGHT SUN = 74 pts.
9.) (USA) Rob Wilber, CINGHIALE = 68 pts.
10.) (RUS) Alexander Novoselov, VICTOR = 66 pts.

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