Porto Maurizio Yacht Club in Imperia, Liguria, Italy

Porto Maurizio Yacht Club in Imperia, Liguria, Italy

Imperia weekend is a rehearsal for the Melges 24 Europeans 2022


23/09/2022 - 08:18

Melges 24 fleet is gathering in Liguria, Imperia for the fifth regatta of the Melges 24 European Sailing Series and Italian Melges24Tour Act 4, considered also as Melges 24 Italian Championship 2022. The event, to be held on September 23-25, is hosted and organized by the Porto Maurizio Yacht Club along with Italian Melges 24 Class Association. The teams from nine nations will sail from Friday September 23rd to Sunday September 25th a maximum of nine races to collect the points for the European as well the Italian ranking.

The regatta will be an excellent training for those who have signed up to compete at the upcoming Melges 24 Europeans 2022 in Genova on October 22-29, and a perfect opportunity for those who intend to end the season in a beautiful location in a pleasant company of those who share the same passion for the Melges 24.

Andrea Racchelli, the President of the Italian Melges 24 Class Association, is happy to see so many nations competing in Imperia. "The Melges 24 teams from nine countries will be the protagonists of the event that precedes the next European Championship in Genova. Certainly, all competitors will appreciate the hospitality of the beautiful Porto Maurizio and a particularly interesting race course.
In this period the attention of many sailors for the Melges 24 is increasing and I foresee an important growth in the class. The choice of locations like this will help to attract new sailors on the funniest one-design boat in the world. I wish to thank all the competitors in Imperia for their participation in regatta in Italy," was Racchelli thankful to all teams making it to Imperia.

Gilles ITA793 of Marcello Caldonazzo Arvedi with Pietro D'Alì at the helm - current leader of the Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2022. © IM24CA / Zerogradinord

Current ranking of the Melges 24 European Sailing Series

After four events completed and 33 single races sailed, the current ranking of the 2022 Melges 24 European Sailing Series sees Gilles ITA793 of Marcello Caldonazzo Arvedi and Chinook HUN850 of Akos Csolto leading the overall and Corinthian rankings respectively.

The boat of Marcello Caldonazzo Arvedi, helmed by the Italian sailing rockstar Pietro D'Alì, Gilles ITA793 is followed by the overall winner of the 2021 Melges 24 European Sailing Series, Paolo Brescia's Melgina ITA693, with 20-points margin. Michele Paoletti's Strambapapa ITA689 is completing the provisional overall podium, 14 points separating him from the second.

Chinook HUN850 of Akos Csolto is fourth in the overall ranking, being the current leader of the Corinthian division. The second-best Corinthian team Arkanoe by Montura ITA809 of Sergio Caramel, is fifth in the overall ranking, while Gill Race Team GBR694 of Miles Quinton, is third in Corinthian ranking and sixth in overall. Corinthian Top 5 are completed respectively by White Room GER677 of Michael Tarabochia and Aleali Eurocart ITA139 of Claudio Cardossi.

Top Ten of the current ranking of the Melges 24 European Sailing Series 2022:
1. GILLES ITA793 of Marcello Caldonazzo Arvedi with Pietro D'Alì helming - 125 pts
2. MELGINA ITA693 of Paolo Brescia - 145 pts
3. STRAMBAPAPA ITA689 of Michele Paoletti - 169 pts
4. CHINOOK HUN850 of Akos Csolto (COR) - 172 pts
5. ARKANOÈ BY MONTURA ITA809 of Sergio Caramel (COR) - 191 pts
6. GILL RACE TEAM GBR694 of Miles Quinton with Geoff Carveth helming (COR) - 197 pts
7. WHITE ROOM GER677 of Michael Tarabochia with Luis Tarabochia helming (COR) - 199.5 pts
8. PANJIC CRO739 of Luka Šangulin – 235 pts
9. ALEALI EUROCART ITA139 of Claudio Cardossi with Gianfranco Noe helming (COR) - 255 pts
10. TAKI 4 ITA778 of Giacomo Fossati with Niccolo Bertola helming – 259 pts

Six boats from current Top 10 will be present in Imperia as well some teams we haven't seen sailing in the ranking events this year yet, majority of them being Corinthian teams.

The countdown to the start of the Melges 24 European Championship 2022 has started in Yacht Club Italiano, Genova - it's exactly 30 days to go to the main event in Europe. But first, let's enjoy an extraordinary sailing weekend on the beautiful Ligurian sea and hospitality of the Porto Maurizio Yacht Club.

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