ORC Sportboat European Championship fleet is building

ORC Sportboat European Championship fleet is building

ORC Sportboat European Championship fleet is building


10/08/2022 - 18:01

The interest is steadily building for the 2022 edition of the ORC Sportboat European Championship being held this year at the Diporto Nautico Sistiana (DNS) over 10-15 October.

The club is located in Sistiana (shown below), a small harbor just 15 kilometers west of Trieste with three piers, 48 slips available for entries and just minutes away from the racing areas set in the Gulf of Trieste.

Locally there are over 30 local hotels and bed and breakfasts, 50 restaurants and trattorias and two camping locations to accommodate the needs of visiting teams.
Visitors may also have touristic interest in the cultural and natural history of the region, which includes the city of Trieste, several famous castles, the caves in Carso, and the paleontological site in Villagio del Pescatore.

ORC Sportboat European Championship fleet is building

Along with boat, sail and crew measurements inputed to the ORC VPP, this grouping scheme helps equalize the wide variety of common sportboat designs, from older keelboats to very fast modern designs, some even with trapezes.

“Our technical team has worked very hard to develop a system that is accurate but also fair in ratings,” said Bruno Finzi, Chairman of ORC. “This is important to us because we would like to offer fun and fair racing to the Sportboat market that is large and quite popular around the world.”

ORC Sportboat European Champion titles are awarded to the top-ranked team in each division, and all-amateur teams are eligible for Corinthian trophies as well.

“There are 10 entries now registered from three nations, and many more are on the way,” said Fulvio Vecchiet, Vice President and Sports Director at DNS. “We are excited to host this event this year and look forward to offering all our entries easy logistics, great racing and an enjoyable experience while ashore for the Sportboat sailors and their families and friends.”

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