ORC fleet sailing in Palma. © Nico Martínez/PalmaVela

ORC fleet sailing in Palma. © Nico Martínez/PalmaVela

More than 100 teams registered for PalmaVela and 45 for La Larga


30/03/2023 - 11:15

The Real Club Náutico de Palma are absolutely delighted by the amazing response from the sailing community to their premier sporting event, on both a national and international level. It once again proves the enormous social and economic potential of the sport for Palma and the whole island of Mallorca that large events such as PalmaVela, can generate.

When registration for PalmaVela and The Offshore Race of PalmaVela opened at the end of December the aim was to achieve a greater number of participants than in 2022, and at the end of the registration period figures are quite spectacular: 45 boats for the offshore event (which includes a new registration in the IRC class, the VO70, "I love Poland") and 104 boats for the inshore events held within the bay.

The club is naturally keen to extend its thanks firstly to the participants themselves,
"We are delighted with the response from the teams, it is obviously a huge boost of morale for the club," explained the RCNP sporting coordinator, Vivi Mainemare.
She also added that the organization are working hard to support offshore racing,
"Every year we are working so the Offshore Race might become a true classic offshore event in the Mediterranean and European calendar in spring."

© Nico Martínez/PalmaVela
© Nico Martínez/PalmaVela

"La Larga": 45 teams from nine countries.

In its third year, The Offshore Race of PalmaVela, a race in the Baleares archipelago, has already been consolidated as one of the classic European offshore events. From 28th April until 2nd May, close to 500 sailors will be competing for the podium in the three categories: IRC, ORC and ORC A2.

Registration figures this year have doubled and the club's intention is that they continue to do so, not only through the great effort made by the organization but also due to the response from the tourism sector and its excellent offer for participants on the island. The route amongst the Balearic Islands and the spectacular images available during "La Larga", make it a true amphitheater within the Mediterranean.

© María Muiña/PalmaVela
© María Muiña/PalmaVela

PalmaVela: 104 teams from 20 countries.

One of the greatest achievements of PalmaVela is undoubtedly the sheer international scale of the event, with 20 countries represented in a fleet of 104 boats, including the big boats such as the Maxi and Wallys, as well as this year's newest 6 Metre class (which participated in the Copa del Rey MAPFRE in 2019). Moreover, the bulk of the ORC fleet, alongside the Dragons, Flying Fifteens, Vintage, Classics and Spirit of Tradition as well as the one designs, the J70 and J80, make PalmaVela one of the most widely represented events in the world.

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