Youth Foiling Gold Cup - Grand Final - Cagliari, Italy

Building up the tension for the final day of the YFGC Grand Final


02/11/2021 - 21:25

Classic shifty breeze from the southwest characterises penultimate day of YFGC Grand Final.

The four races held today have given shape to a provisional classification which could, however, be completely reshuffled by the new points scheme coming into play tomorrow, the last day of the Grand Final. The rules state that a multiplier coefficient will be applied to the results of the last three races of the event: x1 in the first race, x2 in the second and x4 in the third.

The Dutch team gave excellent performances across the board today, winning all four races and confidently handling the L-shaped course set by the Race Committee. Team Argentina and Team France, meanwhile, battled it out for the second and third-place finishes.

At the moment, the overall ranking, summing the scores for the races held yesterday and today races, sees the DutchSail crew in the lead. Okalys Youth Project sits in second, thanks to the excellent results posted yesterday.

The last three races are scheduled to take place tomorrow,  November 3th, and could yet bring major upset to the standings given the amount of points up for grab.

Emile Amoros  – Team France / La Rochelle Nautique

"Foiling in these light wind and wave conditions was very tough. We had races focused on technique and tactics. The L-shaped course we've been sailing leaves the games very open. In today's races, we handled the downwind well, but we are still struggling with the starts. Tomorrow we will sail very focused, the new scoring model may hold some big surprises, so we will focus on making good starts and sailing fast."

Sena Takano – Equal Sailing

"With these very shifty wind conditions, we haven't found the perfect setup yet. Tomorrow will be another day with new chances and like everyone, we will try to keep pushing to make good results. After this event, I will come back to sail on the SailGp circuit and focus on the next Olympic campaign. But I will definitely come back to sailing on the 69Fs, where I had fun and learned a lot."

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