69F America, NYYC American Magic team 1 wins the US Select Series 1

69F America, NYYC American Magic team 1 wins the US Select Series 1

69F America, NYYC American Magic team 1 wins the US Select Series 1


30/01/2023 - 16:52

Fresh from contesting the Youth Foiling Gold Cup 2023 Act 1 on Biscayne Bay, the foiling 69F line-up joined the three days of racing of the Bacardi Invitation Winter Series Event 2 in Miami.
Descending on the racecourse for 18 races over three days, in what marks the first event of the US Select Series, were six teams spanning North America and the Caribbean, representing Antigua and Barbuda, Canada and the USA.

Stunning conditions saw the 69F on fire flying around the track every day, with Rocco Falcone, Teresa Romairone and Filippo Amonti starting with a standout performance to secure Antigua Rhum Runners day one leaderboard glory. On day two there was a switch between first and second in the ranking, as NYYC American Magic Team 1 dominated on the water, with outstanding teamwork and strategic brilliance from the USA's Harry Melges IV, Severin Gramm and Ripley Shelley.

"Being here in Miami for the Bacardi Winter Series Regatta is always great," commented Ripley Shelley, flight controller on NYYC American Magic Team 1. "I mean who doesn't love a little of this," he smiled raising his cocktail. Putting speed in perspective, NYYC American Magic Team 1 clocked a max 28 knots on day 2, averaging 25 knots downwind. Reflecting on the pressure of high-speed racing and closing speeds of 50-60 knots, Shelley added, "There is usually a lot of screaming and it gets intense out there!".

A mixed format for the last day of the 69F in Miami, yesterday, Sunday the 30th, with the six races featuring three one-lap windward/leeward races, followed by three races on the quadrilateral course with a reaching start, downwind leg and reach upwind to the finish. It was another remarkable day for NYYC American Magic Team 1, helmed by Harry Melges IV, as they scooped up five more wins.

"It feels awesome to come on top this weekend," said Melges. "We had a really nice three days of racing. It was pretty windy the whole time, so we had some really good speed runs and tons of fun."

Commenting on what made the difference to their path to victory, he continued, "We were able to practice a bunch before this event, which was great, and the guys I am sailing with I have sailed with most of my life so that is pretty easy," he added in reference to teammates Severin Gramm and Ripley Shelley. "I think our manoeuvres were really strong this weekend, so that really helped us".

No change in the leaderboard order for second and third, with Rocco Falcone, Filippo Amonti and Teresa Romairone on Antigua Rhum Runners and Charlie Hibben, Ford McCaan and Cam Farrah on NYYC American Magic Team 3 holding firm.

The next US Select Series event will also be at Bacardi Invitational Winter Series, from February 9th to the 11th, always in Miami, Florida.

69F US Select Series 1
Final Results – after 18 races

1. NYYC American Magic Team 1 - 331 pts.
2. Antigua Rhum Runners - 324.5 pts.
3. NYYC American Magic Team 3 - 296 pts.
4. NYYC American Magic Team 2 - 270.5 pts.
5. Flying Canucks - 261 pts.
6. Pitch Perfect - 256.5 pts.

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