ORC World Championships 2022: Statement from IRC Board Chairman

Statement from IRC Board Chairman on the ORC Worlds 2022


27/10/2021 - 15:54

26 October 2021, London - The IRC Board, RORC and UNCL were shocked and disappointed to read the ORC/YCCS Notice of Race for an exclusive ORC World Championship in Porto Cervo, Italy, in June 2022, thereby cancelling the previously agreed joint IRC/ORC event. This was a totally unexpected unilateral decision at a time when we thought negotiations were continuing to finalise a combined scoring system.
It appears that ORC has no wish to honour our shared commitment to hold joint World Championships made at the World Sailing Annual Meeting in Barcelona in 2016. We hope that this is not true and we continue to be open to constructive dialogue.
This action has damaged the foundation of trust and respect which is essential for progress. If we cannot re-engage, we must consider our options to exercise our right to hold separate IRC World Championships to preserve the rights of sailors using our rating system to compete internationally at the highest level.


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