M32 European Series - Day 2, light breeze in Valencia today

M32 European Series - Day 2, light breeze in Valencia today

M32 European Series - Day 2, light breeze in Valencia today


23/04/2018 - 13:52

A very light breeze today out of the Port America's Cup, for the second day of the opening event of the Sailing Series -M32 European Series in Valencia.

The cloudy weather did not supported the "thermic" development and, despite the efforts of Pro Mattias Dalstrhom, only one race has been brought to the end.

The winner of this race is Section 16 taking this opportunity to extend its lead by two points and set the score to 15 pts, followed by Team Nederland with 18 and Vitamina Veloce with 19.

If not welcome, the light wind of today permitted to all crews, and visitors, "to recover" from the nice party of the evening before hosted, beside the boats, at the HighCube lounge where a ride on board the M32 it has been offered to all participants.

Anyhow, also today, the event's Guest enjoyed sailing on board the M32s taking advantage of the now famous "hot seats" program.

Coming back in the " la marina di Valencia", all the teams together offered a "nice picture" to the people watching from the balcony of "Veles y Vents" and, once on shore, enjoyed some typical Valencia hospitality.

After a very good and tasty Paella, offered at Mala Bar, a debriefing and a more detailed introduction to the use of the Analytics of the Kwindoo system gave the teams the opportunity to compare their performances.

For tomorrow the forecast is light again and this will made every result possible in crowning the first winner of the season.

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