11th Hour Racing Team arrives in Alicante

11th Hour Racing Team arrives in Alicante

The Ocean Race: 11th Hour Racing Team arrives in Alicante


01/01/2023 - 08:15

11th Hour Racing Team arrived in Alicante, Spain ahead of New Year's Eve, after a short, uneventful delivery down the coast from Valencia. 

The boat was on a mooring off Ocean Live Park for the last sunrise of the year, with the team looking forward to final preparations ahead of the In Port Race on 8 January and the Leg One start one week later.

“We need to be confident in where we are now, and we are in a good place." said sailor Jack Bouttell on arrival. "The boat is sorted, the team is sorted, and we couldn't have done anything more to be ready for the start.

"In every project I have ever worked on, the magnitude doesn’t hit you until you’re in the starting port. That’s always the point when you realize what an amazing opportunity lies ahead. I think I’m in this transitional phase right now where I am excited and apprehensive, the stress of the start hasn’t quite crept up on me yet.”

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