© Sailing Energy / The Ocean Race

© Sailing Energy / The Ocean Race

The Ocean Race, Kevin Escoffier stands down from Team Holcim-PRB


04/06/2023 - 11:20

On Saturday afternoon Team Holcim-PRB released its crew list for the racing in Aarhus.

Benjamin Schwartz is joining the crew after Kevin Escoffier has decided to step down from the team for the remainder of The Ocean Race.

The rest of the sailing team is Yoann Richomme, Abby Ehler and Martin Le Pape, with Georgia Schofield as the on board reporter.

Escoffier is stepping away from the Race for personal reasons.

At The Ocean Race we respect the integrity of the team and the sport of sailing and agree with Kevin’s decision to step down as skipper from Team Holcim-PRB.

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