Barbara Tambani, co-founder Floating Life

Barbara Tambani, co-founder Floating Life

Floating Life: nowadays the Broker Women plough through the seas


12/03/2021 - 11:30

Barbara Tambani, co-founder of Floating Life, tells us about her successful career of over 20 years in the yachting world.

What is your wish for Women's Day in this difficult time?
It is certainly a success that in the world of yachting women are increasingly of a predominant importance compared to past years. I have been living and walking in this sector for over twenty years now, and I can truly perceive how the presence of women has changed and the importance that they have; all this can only be a pleasure, also because women work very well, being particularly capable and pragmatic in what they do, managing to give a concrete contribution to our sector.

When you refer to this change, what are women in your industry doing?
The role of women has changed over time. Step by step they have taken increasingly important positions and have begun to voice themselves in choices, in business strategies and to have an important influence in this sector, sharing ideas with their male colleagues. The yachting world fell into what is called the "technical" category, but in reality it is a set of services, for the development of this activity. Once, the broker was a male figure because - technically speaking - the vision was that the boat could not be sold by a person who was not a technician; in reality the commercial part of women is increasingly important, with female brokers, charter managers; a change that has taken place over the years that has helped the yachting industry to grow from all points of view.

This is also thanks to the relational capacity of the woman, correct?
Yes, I believe that women have brought this field to a more equal relationship with potential customers who interface with companies in this sector. I myself, entered a context of male prevalence and I gradually carved out my space. The point is, to be able to enter a context and be prepared to face it, a typical characteristic of women. The attention, the peculiarity of understanding the non-superficiality of some topics, means that women are relevant in specific sectors, topics or services of this world that have become more and more specific: there are new rules, novelties carefully studied right from the female part of the company. Thanks to the sharing of male and female skills, it is always possible to arrive at an optimal conclusion.

There are many women in your company. Tell us a little about your company from this point of view.
I have always lived the company thinking about the growth that a young person in our sector could have, always focusing on people who have never worked in the yachting industry and who slowly grew with an important background. In fact, yachting encompasses many different sectors, because yachts are in any case mini companies and a company has a whole series of aspects and facts that must be taken into consideration: the administrative part, the fiscal part, the management of on-board personnel, documentation, certifications. Therefore, all these aspects are addressed within the company by different people who often have a background that comes from other sectors. I think that companies must be increasingly open to sharing experiences or, in any case, supported by women. We have always had an important number of women and mothers. I am a mother too and I have always worked, raising a child. If you are a woman, it does not mean that you cannot work, and Floating Life is a prime example of this. We have fantastic girls, prepared, they make important decisions, they support us in a decisive way in what are the experiences, strategies and issues that we have to face day by day, and I must say that with great intelligence we manage to combine what their needs are and the business’s needs. The company must understand what the requirements are and help its staff to maintain the serenity as much as possible. Andrea Pezzini, Director and Co-founder of Floating Life, has also always worked very well with many women.

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