Model Maker Group’s at 2016 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

Yacht Design

01/08/2017 - 13:20

Several scale-model yachts made by the Model Maker Group for various designers and yards will feature at the 2016 edition of the world’s leading boat show in business terms

The Azimut Magellano 66, Azimut 66 Fly and 72 Fly, Riva 38, Riva 76 Bahamas, Riva 100 Corsaro, Pershing 140, Mangusta 48 Gransport, Mangusta Oceano 42, Benetti Delfino 95, Benetti Mediterraneo 116, Benetti 90m Lionheart, Benetti Project Fisker 50m, Marco Casali Project Skyhawk 70m for Hawk Yacht, Sherpa and Arcadia 85S, Mylius76, Lynx Yacht Project YXT 20, Baglietto 44 Open, Conrad 133, Conrad 50 m Project by Vallicelli, Princess V58, Azuree 33, Ocea Nemo 33, 44 and 55, Dreamline 26m, Cantieri Palumbo Sport Hybrid 40mt, Nobiskrug 90m Muse, Nobiskrug 111m Ascendance, Mondomarine 50m Ipanema, Dinamiq Yacht D4, Cantieri delle Marche Nauta 108, Rossi Navi 66m Aston, Rossi Navi 65m Project De Simone….

The above list might seem like an attempt at cataloguing the leading lights of the nautical world or the even the slew of new craft featured in the prestige yacht design competitions promoted by the sector’s glossy magazines. It is neither. Rather it provides a short but telling sample of the 200-plus models made in 2016 for the leading nautical pens and yards by the Model Maker Group (MMG). Inflatables, open and flying bridge motoryachts, sail boats, mega and gigayachts: all shapes, sizes and types are in there.

The MMG success story now extends well beyond Italian borders, having gone from strength to strength over the years in terms of numbers, output and financials. There is just one explanation for this exponential growth: quality.

MMG models don’t merely imitate, they perfectly replicate right down to the tiniest details, the boats as they emerge from the design studios and yards. They are identical copies on a smaller scale of those craft and are used by designers wishing to have a “real” reference of what they’ve created on paper or computer, to assist them in their work. Equally the models act as a powerful marketing tool employed by all the big names to allow them to effortlessly and seamlessly exhibit their products at the various boat shows across the world: Cannes, Genoa, Monaco, Paris, Dubai, Miami, Singapore, Dusseldorf…

Wherever there’s a boat show, wherever new craft are unveiled, there will most definitely be models made by MMG. Needless to say, this also holds true for the 2016 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show between November 3 and 7 where visitors will enjoy a first-hand experience of unparalleled Made in Italy quality, thanks to the new motoryacht models on display at the Baglietto, Fincantieri, Rossi Navi and Mondomarine stands - all made by MMG, of course.

To ensure the models do their job with absolutely efficiency and effectiveness throughout the shows, MMG assists the yards before each one, often working on client stands to check and install the models themselves.

Azimut Yachts with Verve 40 at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2016
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