Baglietto continues its season with Fort Lauderdale 2019


31/10/2019 - 12:01

The historic Seagull brand based in La Spezia will be in Fort Lauderdale, “The Yachting Capital of the World,” to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the world’s largest luxury yacht show.

"We began the yachting season with a series of important projects in collaboration with renowned partners and a top-level designer to offer our clients a wide range of high-quality products,” said Michele Gavino, CEO of Baglietto.

“At the heart of every vessel we build at Baglietto is our passion for excellence, traditional values, and craftsmanship, along with the urge to lead in design and innovation,” expressed Michele Gavino. “This is the Seagull brand’s winning strategy and its truly unique feature, which has allowed us to deliver world-class, unmistakably Made-in-Italy projects for 165 years.”

The Italian luxury yacht builder now boasts five different lines that retrace its long-standing tradition -- adding a contemporary luxury touch while preserving the brand's true identity.

The most classic line is the T-line, the latest model – 48-meter Silver Fox – made her debut in the United States, at the 2019 Miami Yacht Show. In addition to its traditional bulbous bow and soft, sinuous lines, Baglietto's iconic style has unique features by Francesco Paszkowski Design, including a spacious interior, and comfortable and functional outdoor areas, as seen in the T-line. The displacement steel and aluminum models in this line range from 43 meters to 62 meters in length, reaching up to 70 meters, a project penciled by the Dutch design firm Mulder Design. A 48-meter superyacht (hull #10233) sistership of the Silver Fox is currently under construction.

The V-line is characterized by more stylistic experimentation, with yachts having a vertical bow and more aggressive lines. The shipyard's idea is to design vessels that, while preserving a strong bond with the brand's distinctive stylistic features, can meet the needs and tastes of an ever-evolving market. Francesco Paszkowski, who has designed five different projects ranging from 38 to 65 meters in length, has been entrusted with this ambitious task. Hot Lab and Santa Maria Magnolfi, two Italian design firms, have also skillfully integrated the shipyard's culture and Italian style with recent design trends. This line includes a wide range of models, from 38 to 65 meters.

The Fast aluminum line follows in the wake of the tradition of high-performance yachts in this brand – boats featuring slender, aggressive profiles built with a focus on speed without ever losing sight of comfort. This line includes different models of 43 and 46 meters in length, currently represented by iconic yachts Pachamama and Lucky Me. Now, for sale at the shipyard, hull number 10226, 43-meter HT designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design.

Two concepts of 48-meter and 43-meter yachts are part of the Explorer line designed by Francesco Paszkowski Design and Studio Santa Maria Magnolfi, respectively. These are motor yachts with a strong personality made to cruise all around the world.

Inspired by the MAS boats (torpedo armed motorboats) from World War I and World War II, Baglietto's MV (Motoscafi Veloci – Fast Motorboats) line rewrites an important chapter in the brand's history in the military sector. The line combines some traditional stylistic elements with architectural solutions taken from the world of open yachts. The MV13 and MV19 are the two series in this line - fast and bold-looking day boats that will conquer those who love flying on the water.

The wide range of yacht options proposed by the shipyard by no means limits choices for Baglietto owners, who can always rely on Baglietto's total flexibility and take advantage of its fully-custom production. Two examples are the 54-meter and 40-meter superyacht orders that are currently under construction and expected to be delivered in 2020, based on brand-new, fully-custom naval platforms.

For the future, the shipyard’s mission is to focus on research and sustainability, by embracing new environmentally-friendly solutions and options that ensure a limited environmental impact. Several scientific partnerships have already been established, aimed at verifying the possibility of using innovative materials and new technologies.

At Baglietto, our globally recognized Italian design and craftsmanship, and utmost care for clients go hand in hand with our cutting-edge technology and performance. Baglietto relies on a state-of-the-art, entirely renovated shipyard capable of ensuring an average production rate of three to four yachts per year.

To date, there are four yachts under construction at the modern La Spezia shipyard: a 43-meter Fast Line HT to be delivered in 2021; a 54-meter craft and 40-meter vessel, both with exteriors designed by Horacio Bozzo and interiors by Hot Lab and Achille Salvagni, respectively, and both to be delivered in 2020; and last but not least, the production on speculation of a third 48-meter model in the T-Line, the sistership of the Silver Fox, has been initiated, with delivery expected in 2021.

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