Baikal 86 two megayachts

Baikal 86 two megayachts

Baikal Yacht Group will build two megayachts of 86 meters at once

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11/01/2023 - 10:21

An international team of designers, architects and engineers with the Baikal Yachts Group began work on two 86-meter hulls. The project involves specialists from Russia, Italy, Germany and other countries.

Two almost identical megayachts have common exterior elements, but are designed for different sailing areas. When a customer approached the company for the development of a 86-meter yacht, a team of specialists decided to offer two different hulls at once, but with the same planning solutions for the owner himself, which he liked. As a result, the idea was born to make an explorer and an icebreaker. One yacht for the southern latitudes, the second yacht for travel in the northern latitudes.

Common in both projects is the space for the owner and the control post. From the third to the fifth deck in both megayachts, the owner's cabin, offices, salon, library, sports grounds, and a place for meditation are almost the same. This allows the yacht owner not to get used to the space again when moving from one yacht to another, and to navigate in his personal space quite comfortably. The exterior of yachts is not repeated one to one, but there is recognizability in the details of the superstructure. The purpose and comfort of yachts otherwise differ from each other.

Megayacht Baikal 86 Explorer has plenty of open space for pleasant warm weather, with a large swimming pool on the main deck and two Jacuzzis on the owner's deck. The hull will be made in the fast displacement format. As power engines, two diesel-electric systems of 4000 hp each.

Baikal 86 two megayachts
Baikal 86 two megayachts

Megayacht Baikal 86 Expedition has an indoor swimming pool, and on the open main deck there are many technical facilities for both water and land. The hull is made in the style of a new generation icebreaker, as power plants there are two diesel-electric systems of 5000 hp each. and two electric pod drives.

Two helicopters can land on megayachts, in the Explorer version there is an additional garage for one helicopter. The owner can also order an open garage instead of a bow platform for a helicopter for a large tender in the form of a Baikal 14 DS catamaran. The catamaran is built from a new aluminum alloy with the addition of scandium developed by Rusal. The new alloy gives special strength to the hull and the catamaran can easily walk even in ice. At the request of the customer, the catamaran can be built in the style of your favorite car brand.

“This project is interesting for the future owner because we tried to provide the customer with a quick adaptation when visiting both yachts. Feel at home, knowing all the space inside where all his interests are taken into account both on one and on the second yacht. Somewhere duplicate interiors in the same way, and somewhere make different interior solutions, but the layout of the space for the owner is the same in both yachts, - said the owner of the company Sergey Gmyra. “We, with the chief designer of the project, Maxim Lodkin, found an interesting psychological aspect for the future owner of megayachts, and he liked this idea”.

The project will take about 5 years to complete. Now pre-project approvals are underway and a shipyard is being selected where the hulls of megayachts will be laid.

Baikal 86 two megayachts
Baikal 86 two megayachts


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