Bavaria Yachts at boot 2020 in Dusseldorf with Bavaria C42

Bavaria Yachts at boot 2020 in Dusseldorf with Bavaria C42

Bavaria Yachts at boot 2020 in Dusseldorf with Bavaria C42

Sailing boat

21/11/2019 - 09:09

The BAVARIA C42 is the logical progression from the BAVARIA C-line, but has its own distinct character. A modern, innovative hull shape with chines and a V-shaped bow developed by BAVARIA YACHTS guarantee both the best sailing performance and an unusually large amount of space below deck. The clever details that BAVARIA YACHTS is known for, both above and below deck, has been further refined in the BAVARIA C42, providing this unusual 12.38m long sailing yacht with the best of the newest innovations in yacht building. 

BAVARIA CHINES and BAVARIA V-shaped bow: These striking hull design characteristics not only give the BAVARIA C42 more space below deck, they also provide unusual good sailing performance. The BAVARIA CHINES ensure more stability, a longer waterline and therefore better performance and a more direct feeling when steering. But the prominent angle at the stern of the BAVARIA C42 has another advantage. It yields more space for the stern cabin, providing more comfort. The BAVARIA V-shaped bow is narrow at the waterline and broadens towards the deck like a V. It was developed by Cossutti Yacht Design from Italy and BAVARIA YACHTS to grant more volume to the hull in the foreship. The additional volume in the bow ensures less trimming when heeling, despite the broad stern, ensuring a safer experience even in swell. And the forward cabin gives the V-shaped bow new dimensions. An iron keel with a ballast ratio of 2700kg and a total weight of just 9600kg supplies sufficient righting momentum.

BAVARIA YACHTSWhen developing the rigging and sail plan, the development team from BAVARIA YACHTS in collaboration with Cossutti Yacht Design focussed on two aspects in particular: easy handling and above-average performance. 54 square metres of sail area for the mainsail and 47 square metres for the genoa sail provide the BAVARIA C42 with an extra portion of power from the wind. While sailing with the wind abeam or running before the wind, a Code 0 sail (85 square metres) and a gennaker (140 square metres) ensure maximum speed. The self-tacking jib means the easiest of handling when tacking. What’s more, it’s included in the standard version of the BAVARIA C42. In order to be able to perfectly trim the two-spreader mast on all courses, a backstay and backstay tensioner are also included in the BAVARIA C42’s basic equipment. 

When designing the deck layout, the BAVARIA YACHTS product management team concentrated their efforts on the essential characteristics in order to make space for an important aspect: the joy of sailing. The bow area and side deck provide an unusually large amount of space for a sailing yacht of this size. The cockpit, with its ergonomically formed L-shaped seating bench, is also a space winner. That guarantees you a comfortable, fatigue-free seating position, whether you’re sailing close to the wind or enjoying a lavish lunch at the large cockpit table. Additionally, there is a seating area on the superstructure for sunbathing. The helmsman has a perfect view of the sails, the navigation instruments and the sea from both steering positions. The cockpit extends astern with the optional helmsman’s chairs in combination with the stern pulpit, which is pulled far to the inside.

On board the BAVARIA C42, you don’t need to worry about storage space for fenders, lines, sails, equipment or the life raft. They each have a spot in the two large locker seats in the cockpit and the spacious lockers in the stern and bow.

A new dimension of spaciousness9The innovative hull design opens up new dimensions on board the BAVARIA C42, even below deck. There are individual cabin designs available to choose from, from the luxurious two-cabin version with a generous bathroom to the comfortable three-cabin version with two head rooms. In the salon, a cosy dinner for up to eight people is no problem with the U-shaped sofa on the starboard side and the lounge sofa on the port side. And the large L-shaped pantry holds everything required for an extensive meal. Large worktops, plenty of space to move, an abundance of storage space and a three-burner hob are included in the standard configuration.The main bulkhead on the port side holds the home office area, or rather the navigation on board for the BAVARIA C42. A real working space with a longitudinal seating position and many clever details for filing documents and the necessary electronics.

Thanks to the V-shaped bow and the large side windows, the bow cabin doesn’t simply appear spacious; when it comes to headroom and the space on offer, it’s close to unbeatable. Owners can look forward to a real king size bed with a breadth of 1.8m and a length of 2.1m. Cupboards and abundant storage space go without saying.In the BAVARIA C42’s two stern cabins, the utilisation of space is also optimal. With bunks 1.6m wide and 2m long, guests don’t need to adapt from their beds at home when it comes to space aboard the BAVARIA C42. Plenty of headroom and storage space also help make guests on board the BAVARIA C42 feel at home. The bathroom on the starboard side in a modern concrete look is a real little spa zone with a separate shower.

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