Bavaria C38

Bavaria C38

Bavaria C38, This year's next World Premiere from Bavaria Yachts

Sailing boat

27/08/2020 - 15:31

Striking design elements, such as the Bavaria V-shaped bow and chines at the stern, guarantee safe, fast sailing characteristics and an incredible amount of space below decks.

Perfect sailing characteristics, simple handling, maximum usage of the interior below decks and the highest level of comfort – what might once have been a contradiction in the field of yacht design, the new Bavaria C38 proves to be possible without compromises. Just as with the larger Bavaria C42, the Bavaria V-shaped bow and distinctive chines at the stern are two crucial design elements of the new Bavaria C38.

Bavaria C38
Bavaria C38

“Chines increase stability while sailing at a heeling angle of between 15 and 20 degrees. When designing the bottom of the hull, the dynamic effect of the chines can also be used to provide faster water drainage from the hull. Modern sailboats often have a very wide stern and therefore a lot of volume in the rear of the hull. When the sailboat gets more wind and the heel increases, the hull gets out of balance. The stern comes further out of the water and the bow is pushed further into the water. As a result the pressure on the rudder increases. A V-Bow with more volume compensates this effect and the boat is easier to steer.” explains Maurizio Cossutti, the yacht designer responsible alongside his team for the hull shape.

Almost 80 square metres of sail area across the mainsail (46m2) and the 109% Genoa (35m2) ensure optimal propulsion by the wind. Simple handling while tacking is guaranteed by the standard self-tacking jib (30m2). Code0 (70m2) and gennaker (130m2) sails complete the Bavaria C38’s sporty sail plan.

Below decks, the Bavaria V-shaped bow and the chines at the stern opened up completely new opportunities for the Bavaria Yachts development team to use the space. “The V-shaped bow provides us with more space in the bow cabin below decks too. The chines mean we can place the large stern cabins a little further aft. Both these aspects benefit the lounge, allowing seven people to comfortably enjoy their dinner at the salon table,” explains Pascal Kuhn, who is responsible for the new development of sailing and motor yachts at Bavaria Yachts.

Bavaria C38
Bavaria C38

And there really is plenty of space below decks in the cabins. In the owner’s cabin in the bow, the double bed measures a sensational 1.73 x 2 metres. The berths in the stern cabins measure 1.50 x 2 metres, which must also be close to a record for this size of boat.

For individual configurations of the Bavaria C38, Bavaria Yachts offers layouts with 2 or 3 cabins. Alongside the generous bathroom with a separate shower midships to starboard, an additional bathroom for the owner in the bow cabin can be requested. The large, bright lounge with L-shaped pantry, U-shaped sofa, lounge bench and card table offers real living space for the whole crew. The Bavaria C38 is ready to sail for 128.900 € excluding VAT.

The Bavaria C38 completes Bavaria Yachts’ C-line, alongside the larger models Bavaria C42, C45 and C50 as well as the flagship Bavaria C57. The public will be able to view the Bavaria C38 for the first time at the boot 2021 trade fair. The world premiere will already have completed its first tests and production for the Bavaria C38 will be in full swing at the shipyard in Giebelstadt.

Bavaria C38
Bavaria C38

Technical Data C38

Length (including bowsprit) 11.38 m (11.90 m) 37“ 4‘ (39“ 0‘)
Hull length 10.99 m 36“ 1‘
Waterline length 10.28 m 33“ 9‘
Total breadth 3.98 m 13“ 1‘
Draught standard cast iron hull (approx.) 2.05 m 6“ 9‘
Draught optional cast iron hull as shallow keel (approx.) 1.65 m 5“ 5‘
Ballast standard cast iron hull (approx.) 2205 kg 4861 lbs
Ballast optional cast iron hull as shallow keel (approx.) 2460 kg 5423 lbs
Displacement standard cast iron hull (approx.) 9070 kg 19996 lbs
Displacement optional cast iron hull as shallow keel (approx.) 9320 kg 20547 lbs
Motor (standard) 21.3 kW (29.3 mhp) 21.3 kW (29.3 mhp)
Motor (optional) 29.4 kW (40 mhp) 29.4 kW (40 mhp)
Fuel tank (approx.) 210 l 46.2 gal
Water tank (approx.) 210 L (150 L) 46.2 gal (33 gal)
Sail area 79.3 m² 854 ft²
Mainsail (standard) 46.0 m² 495 ft²
Mainsail (roll system) 42.8 m² 461 ft²
Jib (self-tacking) 29.3 m² 315 ft²
Genoa 35.0 m² 377 ft²
Gennaker 130 m² 1400 ft²
Code 0 70 m² 753 ft²
Mast height above waterline (approx.) 18.57 m 60“ 11‘
I 15.50 m 50“ 10‘
J 4.28 m 14“ 1‘
P 15.00 m 49“ 3‘
E 5.28 m 17“ 4‘
CE category A - 8 / B - 12 / C - 14
Design Cossutti Yacht Design / Bavaria Yachts Design Team

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