David Aldrich, new Outboard Sales Manager

David Aldrich, new Outboard Sales Manager

Beneteau America announces new Outboard Sales Manager


27/06/2018 - 14:24

BENETEAU America is pleased to announce David Aldrich as the new Outboard Sales Manager. In his new role, David will be developing and managing the outboard sales of  BENETEAU America, with a specific focus on the dealerships development and boat club.

David holds 20 years of experience in the North American Marine Industry building distribution networks, with specific focus on sales programs, national dealer development, and product expertise.

Recently working with Freedom Boat Club building their North American footprint to encompass most of North America.

“David brings such a strong experience to us, his past years as Regional Sales Manager at Brunswick Boat Group, Bombardier, Chis Craft, and Regal Marine, will be a tremendous support to develop our outboard range in USA, as well as the Beneteau Boat club”, says Luca Brancaleon, Managing Director of Beneteau.

For the past three years, his latest role was at Freedom Boat Club as Director of Franchise/Marina Development in North America.

“Outboard boats represent 60% of the total number of boats Beneteau produces each year. It is a major opportunity for Beneteau in the US. We are excited to have David joining the team. He is going to use his huge experience in the industry to develop this business unit” says Jean-Francois Lair, Director of Sales for BENETEAU Americas.

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