C Cat: the new multihull C Cat 38 and C Cat 65

C Cat: the new multihull C Cat 38 and C Cat 65

C Cat: the new multihull C Cat 38 and C Cat 65

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20/06/2024 - 09:33

Officially joining the range, the C Cat 38 replaces the C Cat 37, which has enjoyed great success since 2015. Numerous units are sailing, particularly in Italy, France, and China. The new C Cat 38 will make its official debut by participating in the upcoming Atlantic Rally for Cruisers.

Meanwhile, at the Comar Yachts shipyard in Fiumicino (Rome), photos are being taken of the newly ‘hatched’ C Cat 65. This impressive vessel boasts approximately 225 square meters of walkable space between its interiors and exteriors, and we will soon be able to follow the phases of mating the hull with the deck.

This catamaran is the result of years of research, development, and a passion for the sea, destined to redefine the standards of comfort, efficiency, and performance. The C Cat 65 combines elegant and modern design with impeccable functionality. Its streamlined lines and well-thought-out spaces offer an unparalleled sailing experience, suitable for both short cruises and long transoceanic voyages. The interiors are spacious and bright, furnished with high-quality materials, ensuring exceptional comfort and creating a refined and welcoming environment for guests.

The new multihull is designed to deliver superior performance. The C Cat 65 is equipped with powerful engines and an optimized sail configuration, ensuring high speeds and stable navigation even in the most challenging conditions. Its robust yet lightweight construction, achieved through the use of high-quality composite materials, ensures durability and resilience while maintaining a reduced weight for improved efficiency and performance.

For over 30 years, Comar Yachts has prioritized the safety of guests and crew. Every detail of the C Cat 65’s design and construction has been meticulously studied to ensure maximum reliability at sea. From the structural design and construction materials—using a transparent gelcoat for the first layer instead of the classic white gelcoat to allow extreme quality control of the infusion process once the hulls are hatched—to the monitoring and control systems, every aspect of the catamaran has been developed to offer smooth and safe navigation.

**Environmental Sustainability**

Aware of the importance of protecting our planet, we have incorporated sustainable solutions into the construction of the C Cat 65. This includes the use of eco-friendly materials, such as regenerated carbon for the first layer across the entire deck, efficient resource management, and the adoption of clean technologies like recycling molds from other boats. Comar Yachts has started using bio-resins and bio-gelcoat for some parts of the boat and recycled PET for the counter-molds. These steps demonstrate Comar Yachts' commitment to a greener future.

The new C Cat 65 is not just a catamaran; it is a symbol of excellence in design and performance, with its launch scheduled for July 2025. More updates on the production phases will follow soon.

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