The Made in Italy by Invictus Yacht and Capoforte ready for FLIBS 2023

The Made in Italy by Invictus Yacht and Capoforte ready for FLIBS 2023

The Made in Italy by Invictus Yacht and Capoforte ready for FLIBS 2023

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25/10/2023 - 14:55

Double made in Italy debut at the 2023 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (October 25-29). Invictus Yacht and Capoforte make their debut at the Florida boat show with a total of four models, among which the Invictus TT420 stands out, making its American debut. Also on display are the flagship TT460 (position Bahia Mar GH Docks 13-18) and the outboard TT280S. The Capoforte brand will also be present with the FX270, making the brand's first-ever appearance in the United States.

"I am proud that these boat models are being presented in the United States. They are designed with the idea of introducing new forms that are also built to stand the test of time, clean and robust shapes enriched with details that convey a sense of high quality and craftsmanship. These boats are easily recognizable from a distance due to their authentic lines and have the ability to astonish when experienced, thanks to the maximized use of every onboard space.” says Christian Grande.

“I hope that, just as has already happened in the European market, the American market will also appreciate these overseas gems."

Invictus TT420, American debut

After achieving success at the European boat shows, the Invictus TT420 is set to captivate American enthusiasts in the authentic brand coloration “vanilla sea”. The lines of this 12.30-meter vessel are typical and distinctive of Invictus hulls, combining a unique style with high navigational capabilities. The full crystal windshield with wipers represents an unusual solution on a boat of this size and provides protection during navigation while also ensuring proper air circulation when at anchor, through a front upper opening system.

The deck, characterized by a comfortable perimeter walkway protected by high bulwarks along its entire length, features a spacious convertible sunbathing area at the bow that can be transformed into a chaise longue. This creates a romantic and charming corner for enjoying navigation in total comfort or sipping a leisurely aperitif. Towards the midship, thanks to foldable tables, the spacious dinette can be converted into a large relaxation area sheltered by the hardtop. At the same level, the bulwarks can optionally be equipped with two foldable side terraces, thus increasing the usable space on board and offering a sense of openness to the surrounding environment that is most appreciated during meals and relaxation. This solution breaks down the traditional barrier to the surrounding environment.

The shipyard has provided the option of equipping the aft beach area with a hydraulic lifting device to facilitate getting back on board and managing tenders and water toys. This is a rare feature in this category of boats, as is the presence of a proper garage capable of accommodating a 2.10-meter tender or toys. The Invictus TT420 is powered by outboard engines with two 440-horsepower D6 Volvo Penta propulsion units.

Internally, Christian Grande has opted for an open space solution that highlights the spacious living area with U-shaped sofas that, when rotated, surprisingly transform into a comfortable double bed. Aft, you'll find a cabin with twin beds. The generous bulwarks have allowed for impressive interior heights, making it possible to create a large bathroom with a separate shower.

The flagship TT460

The Invictus TT460, flagship of the Italian shipyard and winner of the "Design Innovation Award 2020," has managed to define itself in the market since its debut as an elegant yet modern boat, with special attention to the owner, who is offered a path of personalization through Invictus' "Atelier" program. The elegant lines perfectly embody the family feeling of the shipyard. Adding dynamism to the profile is the windshield seamlessly merging with the carbon hardtop, creating a sense of movement along the boat's line from the bow to the midship.

Boarding from the stern platform, the Invictus TT460 immediately impresses with its generous volumes. The spaces are designed to provide maximum freedom of movement in total safety. At the bow, there is a sunbathing area equipped with a retractable seat at the front (a solution that, thanks to significant market demand, has also been incorporated into the TT420).

Internally, Invictus Yacht has chosen to offer owners extensive customization options. These include an open space solution, featuring a lounge area at the bow and separate twin beds at the stern, which can be combined to form a double bed. Alternatively, there is an option with a partition in the bow which creates a separate cabin space, resulting in increased privacy.

Invictus TT280S, the sporty outboard

The Invictus TT280S, an outboard-powered boat, measures 8.87 meters in length and 2.94 meters in width. It's designed by Christian Grande and features a twin outboard engine setup with 25hp each for a total power of 500hp, confirming its sporty character.

This configuration is a deliberate choice to appeal to a target audience with a sporty and spirited nature, without compromising on elegance and customization options. One example of this is the number of hull color options that the shipyard offers.

The profile of the Invictus TT280S is characterized by its classic semi-reverse bow while the carefully designed deck spaces “revolve” around the central console. The seats around the console feature a mobile unit that can become a small open-air kitchen. A U-shaped sofa runs along the entire bow section of the hull. The careful utilization of onboard space has allowed the Italian shipyard to create a true dressing room with a bathroom beneath the helm.

Capoforte makes its debut in the USA with the FX270

The FX270 is part of the Capoforte model range with outboard engines (it can be equipped with a single 350hp engine or two 150hp engines) and presents a distinctive "American-style cut," characterized by a very clean, linear and "fisherman" inspired hull, interpreted with an Italian touch and enhanced by an exclusive covered perimeter trim. It is meticulously detailed and rich in high-quality materials, making even the sturdiest parts look elegant.

The FX270 has two different personalities. The first, more focused on relaxation and vacation, offers the option to configure the bow area with two different types of benches: one with a "U" shape that follows the shape of the bow, and the other linear and adjacent to the mooring area. Additionally, you can integrate sunbathing between the horseshoe-shaped bench and the chaise longue, creating a spacious area dedicated exclusively to sunbathing and relaxation. The sunbathing area consists of lightweight cushions that can be fixed to an appropriate stowable structure in a spacious storage area, making full use of the hull's depth below the chaise longue.

The FX270 is equipped with a cabin containing a toilet compartment, storage on the right and left and an optional full-height shower. The stylistic language used is soft and warm, with spaces that can be configured differently depending on preferences. For example, you can add a forward table or sunshades, the latter supported by tubular structures that can be positioned at the bow or stern as needed. In the latter case, the result is a very welcoming, relaxing environment with a romantic touch, thanks to the skillful choice of materials and colors.

The second personality is more "fisherman" style and besides not featuring any bow benches, is characterized by ample space and the presence of a “fisherman's box" in place of the stern bench, which includes a faucet, cutting board, bait and hook drawer and a tank for live bait with lighting and a washing pump (available as an option). This boat model offers generous storage spaces on the deck with two large compartments that can be completely washed thanks to special nozzles connected to the bilge, suitable for storing catches or spearfishing equipment. Upon request, freshwater and saltwater washdown taps are available for cleaning the cockpit.

The hull is particularly high-performing and stable, thanks to its significant beam, providing excellent transverse stability. The hull's shape and behavior are smooth and manageable and the pronounced "V" shape of the bow efficiently cuts through waves, even in rough seas. Christian Grande designed the FX270 with muscular and organic surfaces, further highlighted by a rib on the side that flows into a rather "square" and zoomorphic bow, inspired by the shape of a shark. These shapes are not only dynamic but also convey a sense of strength and security, making you feel very well protected once on board. This feeling is further enhanced by the presence of numerous handrails, which not only facilitate fishing operations (in the case of the "fisherman" version) but also increase both actual and perceived safety.

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