Adventure 29 by Lynx Yachts

Adventure 29 by Lynx Yachts

Lynx Yachts'Adventure Series: the new Adventure 29


04/10/2018 - 22:28

Boundless Exploration is the calling of Lynx’s Adventure Series. This tough and robust yacht is conceived and designed to go anywhere in any weather, ensuring that even the most remote of locations are reachable. Taking inspiration from the iconic styling of the YXT series, the Adventure 29 has a unique, clean, contemporary profile design, created by Bernd Weel Design.

Adventure 29
Rigid, high bulwarks above the strong vertical plumb stem bow take heavy seas with ease. An extensive swim platform allows for a close connection to the water and easy launching from the carriage of numerous toys and tenders.

The design
The design brief of the Adventure 29 had quite a list of requirements, but two items were written in bold capital letters: WIDE and STURDY.
Following the brief received from LYNX YACHTS management, Diana Yacht Design maximized the beam to 8.2m. This is quite wide for a 29m yacht, but allows for a shallow draft while keeping fuel consumption within acceptable figures. Together, with the exterior lines of Bernd Weel Design, the Adventure 29 will stand out in size and performance!

The exterior spaces
The exterior of the Adventure 29 offers ample space for lounging and relaxing, dining, taking a refreshing jump in the jacuzzi, or just sitting and enjoying the view: everything is possible.
Well-known from the YXT range of LYNX YACHTS is the large swim platform. This is a perfect place to store jet skis or tenders up to 6.5m. The crane for tender launching is invisibly stored, and clever design makes it possible to act as a rigid passarelle too. Boarding the superyacht way!
With tenders in the water the swim platform transforms in a 30m2 bathing area for close contact with the sea.

The layout
For the layout, the wide beam developed for the Adventure 29 creates new opportunities never seen before on a yacht of similar length. Starting on the lower deck, the owners cabin measures 29m2. A total of 4 spacious guest cabins and 4 crew cabins makes this yacht suitable for families and chartering.
On the main deck future guests will be impressed by the spacious salon, providing -again - dimensions you see on yachts of 35m or more!

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