Maritimo premiere revolutionary new sport yacht X60 at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show 2018

Maritimo premiere revolutionary new sport yacht X60 at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show 2018

Maritimo: new sport yacht X60 at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show 2018


28/05/2018 - 12:29

Maritimo premiere revolutionary new sport yacht X60 at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show 2018

- A completely new yacht X60 showed up on the water for the first time

- X60 is the first yacht in a new game-changing X-Series from Maritimo

- Unique versatile aft cabin space that can be arranged in a number of ways

- The new era variable deadrise hull design

- Max speed is 34 knots with Scania 925hp engines

-A smaller model X50 to be unveiled in 2019 Representing a totally new era in luxury sport yacht design the new X60 from Maritimo, the leading Australian motoryacht manufacturer, has impressed early, already generating wide international interest and sales prior to its world premiere at the 30th Annual Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. The main marine exhibition in Australia marks the first of many displays of the highly anticipated X-Series throughout 2018, which will include further appearances at exhibitions in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Development has also commenced on the next model within the X-Series Range, a Maritimo X50 - which the company is closely guarding until its introduction at Sydney International Boat Show with its world premiere scheduled for 2019. 

Breakthrough layout Integral in X-Series design is the versatile aft cabin space that enables high levels of custom-ability for owners to cater to the space to their specific requirements. Inherent in both the X60 and X50, the space enables an additional cabin accessible from saloon and swim platform, which can be arranged as beach club, additional stateroom, tender garage, euro galley and other custom options. “The new yacht encompasses a category-breaking innovation and the company’s significant investment in R&D”, said Craig Harvey, CEO at Spencership, Maritimo’s international sales office. “The model and the new series have been thoroughly developed.

Their philosophy is based on a deep study of the market and clients’ wishes and demands”. Maritimo lead designer, Tom Barry-Cotter said the X60 was one of the most versatile sports motor yachts available in the international market, with multiple arrangement options of the aft cabin, and regency suite.

With units already in production, bound for new homes in Australia, New Zealand, North America, and Europe, the company credits the early momentum in sales to the value added into the design’s increased accommodation spaces to that of its competitors. Said Tom Barry-Cotter: “The additional aft cabin is completely unique and is resonating with buyers within the sport motor yacht market. Its ability to add extra accommodation space that is similar in size to an additional master cabin in terms of volume is clearly something special”. Ultimate performance Inherent in the X-Series bloodline will be the company’s race driven performance prowess.

With a complete new efficient shaft-driven hull and driveline design, the X60 has been tested at speeds in the vicinity of 34 knots with 925hp Scania power, with excess speed capability available with Volvo 1000hp power option. Hull efficiency within the cruising speed range was a major focus of the state of the art hull and driveline design. The X60’s class leading range and economy has been recorded at over 30 knot cruise and consumption rate of under 100L/h per engine at 27 knot cruise.

With superior economy and greater fuel capacity than direct competitors, the X60’s range capabilities are revolutionary within the sport motor yacht segment. Efficient hull The new era variable deadrise hull design with deep-v bow entry, also offers a soft dry ride, whilst weight distribution within the hull design allows for effortless transition to plane and running attitude through the RPM range. Maritimo has also worked closely with Twin Disc in the development of marina maneuvering EJS joystick systems. The latest Twin Disc System has the most sensitive joystick docking ability in the industry, enabling stress free docking in tight spaces.

The X60 can be fitted with Twin Disk Quickshift transmissions, EC 300 Electronic Control System, Express Joystick and has the option of being fitted with Express Positioning System technology, which enables precise and continuous position and heading hold. Price details The X60 is available through Maritimo’s international sales office - Spencer Ship Monaco. Based in Monaco, the company does take care of Maritimo's export department for Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. The retail base price of the X60 will be around AUD 2.2 million (Approximately1.38 million euro subject to currency exchange) with an extra AUD 40,000 (25,000 euro) for either the beach club or aft queen cabin layout.

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