Mylius 60’ CK

Mylius 60’ CK

Mylius 60’ CK - redefines the concept of balance

Sailing boat

20/09/2019 - 20:55

Mylius redefines the concept of balance.
Where stability meets performance, lightness becomes power,  the Racer spirit merges with the Cruiser spirit.

The Mylius 60 CK is a completely new project, an offshore-racer & performance cruiser. "Cippa Lippa X" is going to be be the first Mylius produced with the canting keel, the sporting evolution of the Mylius 60FD. A yacht conceived to play a leading role in the most important offshore regattas, but she is also equipped with enough spaces to guarantee a comfortable Mediterranean summer cruising.

The concept of the Mylius 60CK, according to the expressed whishes of her first owner Guido Paolo Gamucci (owner of Cippa Lippa, n.d.r.), has been developed providing the yacht with a state-of-the-art canting-keel system, achieving a big increase in stability with a contained draft (3.500 mm) in relation to the general dimensions of the boat. The full carbon construction (the floor structures has been built in pre-preg carbon fiber system) and the ballast weight reduction, allowed by the canting-keel, let to contain the displacement of the yacht below the 15.0 tons in lightship conditions. The hull volumes have been totally redesigned considering the higher sailing speeds and the reduced heeling angles predicted: LOA/LWL and Bmax/BWL higher ratios, fuller bow volumes, flared mid-sections to improve transversal stability, extremely flat aft exit, together with a pretty reduction of the canoe body depth and a smaller rocker were thus designed. Thanks to the increased stability provided by the canting-keel system, the 60 CK shows a generous sail plan, allowing to set the upwind and downwind relative sail area ratios close to those of a pure racer.

Despite the preservation of the Mylius hallmark, the deck area has been redesigned for a more racing use: the steering pedestals has been moved forward and the mainsail track is abaft; the halyard winches are at the companionway sides; the primary winches, the mainsail winches (german system) and the back winches are aligned at the cockpit’s sides.
In racing mode, the on-board winch power system is provided by an hydraulic system (PTO on main engine), although the lithium batteries are able to provide sufficient energy to ensure cruising maneuvers.

The yacht shows sunny and sports mood designed interiors, with a wide use of carbon fibers, but the necessary comfort for the sport cruises is saved. The careful study of the internal arrangements and floor levels let contain the canting-keel system overall dimensions entirely under the cabin sole and the canard foil box does not interfere with the livable spaces. The layout proposes a big owner’s cabin and double guest’s cabins, all head and comfortable lockers provided; the galley and the chart table are aside of the central dinette wide main stair entrance; additional clothing and navigation equipment lockers are provided. The crew cabin for two is at the far bow.

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