Development plan: Neel's trimaran visions 2022-2025

Development plan: Neel's trimaran visions 2022-2025

Development plan: Neel's trimaran visions 2022-2025

Sailing boat

24/08/2022 - 19:36

Leen-Trimarans is making its mark in the market of motor multihulls, after the LEEN 56, the first motor trimaran of its kind, and before the LEEN 50 (launch planned for the end of 2023), the LEEN 72 has been sailing since spring and production of number 2 has already begun, this new unit is being produced for an American. The originality, the very low consumption per mile and the exceptional autonomy of these vessels have already attracted owners who are looking for new generation marine trawlers, which combine a comfortable passage at sea, with beyond comparison living space, and a controlled and environmentally friendly consumption.

The recognised and growing reputation of the brands, the quality of its models, the coherence of its ranges, ensure that NEEL-TRIMARANS achieves its expected growth and sustainable development.

New model: Neel 52

With its racy, modern silhouette, elaborately designed hull and sleek lines, the NEEL 52 exudes power, speed, and elegance. Combining all the qualities on which the success of its predecessors is founded, this model stays true to the range. It is a fast, safe trimaran that accommodates up to twelve passengers yet is easily handled by a small crew. It boasts remarkable seaworthiness, performance (both sailing and motoring), and comfort. Thanks to its 3 hulls, it is also the only multihull model of this size on the market that can offer up to 6 double cabins and 2 crew stations at the rear as an option.

New model: Neel 50

LEEN 50 is a natural addition to our range of LEEN-TRIMARANS engine-powered trimarans. After the LEEN 56 and the LEEN 72, the shipyard wanted to add a new model to the range. It follows in the path of its elders in terms of elegance, performance, comfort, autonomy, safety and comfortable sea travel. The LEEN 50 is a finely crafted open-sea trawler trimaran, with a cruising speed of nearly 10 knots that consumes around 2l per nautical mile. Her narrow, slender hulls have very low hydrodynamic resistance, which promotes low fuel consumption. It is very stable in the open sea. The trimaran can reach even reach 14 knots, if necessary.

Trimaran Yacht Charter

Our subsidiary Trimaran Yacht Charter offers NEEL trimarans for charter, NEEL 43, NEEL 47, NEEL 51 in our different bases, in the Mediterranean (French Riviera, Corsica, Croatia), on the French Atlantic coast (Brittany) and in the West Indies (British Virgin Islands and Martinique).

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